Inflammation & Heart Disease

Help your coronary arteries heal themselves: Change your diet.

Thinking Ourselves Heart-Sick

Either the heart attack symptom is real, imagined, both, or neither: a very tough call.

From "Not Me" to "Why Me?"

Once I was well; now I'm ill; what happened?

Women Caretaking Men, Part 2

More ways for couples to grow closer when heart disease strikes.

Women Caretaking Men Part 1

Women who take care of men with heart disease, especially when men don't want to take care of themselves, suffer just as much. In this and next month's post, Thomas Larson looks at how couples do and don't endure heart attacks together.

Inextinguishably Alive

A typical human heart, in twenty-first century America, accrues 1.5 billion heartbeats. How do I think about this number, imagine its totality?

The Heart and a Language To Describe It

The rich and conflicted languages we have to speak about the heart.

Cuddling with Mamie

In September 1955, several months before he had to decide on a second term, President Dwight Eisenhower had a midnight heart attack. How did he survive?