The Power of Faith

Last night I attended a very moving talk by Immaculée Ilibagiza, author of No One Left To Tell, a memoir of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Her talk gave me a lot to think about - faith, sprituality, and belief in a protective God in our darkest hours. Is God real, or an imagined comfort? And should we forgive, or take up the sword? It's far from black and white.

Are Manners Logical or Superficial?

The choice between logical and rude

The Myth of the Black Aspergian Pt 2 - Accomodation or Jail?

Removal of a five year old post which was drawing racist commentary - John Robison
Are Aspergians Really Rude and Inconsiderate?

Are Aspergians Really Rude and Inconsiderate?

We're described as arrogant, aloof, uncaring and inconsiderate. I contend that we are none of those things. I believe we are simply blind, emotionally.