Where Do We Stand in the "War on Autism?"

Where have we been, and where are we going, with the billion dollars we've spent on the so-called Combating Autism Act. Read my views, and offer your response . . .

Autism Prevalence: Can It Be 1 in 50?

What does the latest autism prevalence report mean to us? What now?

Adam Lanza and Look Me in the Eye

Was there a connection between my book Look Me in the Eye, Adam Lanza, and his horrific murders?

How Much Asperger's Is Really Face or Emotion Blindness?

Prosopagnosia (face blindness) and Alexithymia (blindness to emotions) are both more common than autism. Are they related? Are some people who identify as Asperger's actually better described by one or both of those disorders? Are they conditions independent, or interconnected?

Ignorance, Autism, and the Things People Say

What are some of the most aggravating things ordinary people say to folks on the autism spectrum. Where are they coming from? Are they dumb, smart, mean, clever, misguided, or is it all just us? It's time to open a dialogue...

What Have We Done For the Autism Community Lately?

What have we done for the autism community? Angry parents direct that question at the IACC, the CDC, NIH and Autism Speaks every day. They say we’ve spent hundreds of millions in research, and talked about all our great accomplishments in research, yet the lives of the autistic people around them are not one bit better. How come?

Social Communication Disorder—is it "Autism Lite?"

The APA has created a new thing: Social Communication Disorder. Is it part of the autism spectrum, off to the side, or on its own. Thoughts on a new definition, and where it fits in the wider world

The IACC weighs in on Autism and Violence

My earlier post on autism and mass murder generated a lot of discussion. This statement from the IACC offers some references for those who want to know more.

Asperger’s, Autism, and Mass Murder

News reports claim the Sandy Hook killer had Asperger's. If true, was that really relevant, or does the statement just stir public opinion against people on the autism spectrum? Some thoughts on understanding.
Autistic People:  Victims or Victimizers?  Both? Or Neither?

Autistic People: Victims or Victimizers? Both? Or Neither?

A recent Time.com article depicted siblings of autistic people as "autism's invisible victims." I challenge that way of thinking in this article.

A Modest Proposal for Autistic Employment

Thinking out of the box to find ways to get more autistic people off disability and into the productive workforce. Can we do it?

Ultrasound and Autism—A Connection?

Could the increased use of ultrasound during pregnancy be implicated in the rise in autism?

Is Autism Becoming More Common?

Last year I participated in the Autism Speaks-CDC workshop on evaluating changes in the prevalence of autism. Now that the CDC has published the meeting summary, I'd like to offer a few thoughts on the discussions and findings that came out of this meeting.

How Will the DSM V Changes in Autism Affect People?

Last week's NY Times and ABC News stories really got people talking, especially when one doctor suggested that 75 percent of today's Asperger population would not qualify for a diagnosis under the new definitions. Let me say at the outset, I think that 75 percent statement is inaccurate, and a substantial overreaction to the available data.

Are we autistic people shaping the public's view of autism in ways harmful to our cause?

Do today's autistic self advocates unwittingly present a rose-colored view of autism to the public, thereby diminishing the pool of services available to our population? Do we make ourselves look so "capable but eccentric" that we are no longer in need of help?

When love fails us

Lies, evasions, and half-truths. All deceits. Yesterday’s white lie, discovered, reveals last month’s big deception. What seemed sweet and sad becomes shabby and tawdry. It’s easy to demand honesty, but hard to deliver it, and harder still to know if we receive truth in our most intimate exchanges. Revisited in the light of dishonesty, everything changes