Meditation and mindfulness practices have made their way westward, and have made substantial impacts on the theory and practice of modern psychology.  It is no longer difficult to find research and writing on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness on nearly any aspect of our lives.  These testimonials may in-turn convince others to give these practices a shot in hopes of enhancing some part of their life.  But many drop the practice on finding it too difficult to begin or when they haven't seen the results they were promised.  

In the following video, I address approaching a mindfulness or meditation practice as a non-directive activity, which may or may not change you for the better:

Books mentioned in this video: 
Breath by Breath -- by Larry Rosenberg (
Zen Mind, Beginners Mind -- by Shunryu Suzuki   (
Wherever You Go, There You Are -- by Jon Kabat-Zinn (

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