Be the Mountain: A Guided Meditation [Video + Script]

A guided meditation for those seeking peace and stability

The Purpose of Meditation [Video]

Why your awesome goal-setting skills are holding you back in your mindfulness and meditation practice.

Couldn't Have Said It Better: Baltimore Riots 2015

A short piece that explains why some of the responses in the media to the Baltimore riots feel particularly damning to Black Americans, especially when considered in context.

Redditor to Redditor

Young men are finding new ways to reach out to each other and older generations for advice and mentorship.
Light Brigading (flickr)

Why We Are Angry

Seeing beyond the hype to understand the outrage of a community

The Stigma of Masculinity

Many men struggle to define their masculinity and themselves as men in a culture that increasingly stigmatizes things like sexuality, aggressiveness, and competitiveness.