The Sweetness of September

John Field guides us gently through this change of seasons, and invites us into a deeper conversation with ourselves.

Anxiety and the Art of Listening

Whether or not music dulcifies our anxiety, it can provide a place to put it, a storyboard where ideas are worked out, massaged, and sometimes discarded. Listen to Schumann’s narrative without prejudice, as a child would, and remember what it was like to hear for the first time.

The Loneliness of January

Sitting with a companion like Rachmaninoff can make our lonely moments less lonely.

Find Your Swoon

“Can’t you hear it? Won’t you pay attention?” I wanted the world to know what I knew, and to feel what I was feeling.

Anxiety of Influence

If we often live our lives between anxiety and boredom, music can help.

Moments Less Apparent

Listen to Schubert as you would look at a watercolor. Fill in the details as you need, and know that all that you see isn't all that there is.

Measuring the Day Through the Classical Era

Classical music reminds us of the value of order, the contentment of disciple, and the threads that hold us together.

Beethoven And the Introvert

Turning to Beethoven for life lessons.

Listen to Bach, Listen to Life

Bach has the power to help us reflect, change, grow, and bring us back to our center as we face increasingly busy and sometimes overwhelming lives.

Creating a Salon, Creating a Community

Move away from isolation by creating a forum for new thought, and a greater understanding through community. Invest in a salon as you invest in your well-being.

HealingThrough Bach

In troubled times, find solace in the music of J.S. Bach.

Sitting With Sound

I would like to suggest the profoundly changing nature of music practice meditation as a way of organizing one’s thoughts, centering one’s attention, and tuning in to the ways in which the body responds to corporal memories.

Music Over a Lifespan

From cradle to passing, culturally we define certain music that brings us closer to experiences and passages.

Counting Your Music Calories

Though I identify myself in many ways through the lens of music, there are times when all of us want like to escape organized sound entirely.

The Adult Learner

Before I was old enough to harness the power to adjust the egg timer that sat in judgment over my daily organ practice (my mother had a poor sense of time), I slavishly divided my attention between “The little brown church in the vale” and the tick, tick, tick of the 30 minutes which, to a five year-old, seemed an eternity.