NYC Event: Helix Center Benefit – Sunday, June 1st

Get to know this intriguing interdisciplinary organization.

Ultimate Disclosure: The Year After, A Memoir

A psychoanalyst goes all the way with telling all.

Life After Analysis: Two Years and Counting

A reader has 8 questions about the post-therapy experience: I have 8 answers.

NYC Event Alert: The Psychoanalytic Fair

An upcoming NYC event provides plenty of options for people interested in a career in psychoanalysis.

"Powder Dreams": How a Psychological Novel Gets Written

Emerging novelist David Ward-Nanney explains his creative process.

The Lure of Haunted Houses

Why was I dying to go inside?

NYC Event Alert: "Hans: A Case Study" Now Through Sept 25

A live production based on Sigmund Freud's 1909 landmark case.

Life After Analysis: The Five-Month Mark

Can I Thrive Outside the Pod?

The Weiners of the World

Cuts in a name.

Let the Healing Begin

I start life after psychoanalysis.

The Next Day

Last night I had the strangest dream...


I bid adieu to Ms. Analyst.

With Or Without You

I was determined to quit analysis. Could I do it?

A Song of Psychoanalysis

Does this sound therapeutic to you?


Can I finally break the cycle?

Dream Team

Exploring night visions can take you places.

Back to Pschool

September is my time to get it going again.

Please Release Me

It takes 2...To terminate.

Lost and Found

Something was missing from analysis.

Comings & Goings

In the psychoanalytic dance, our daily routines deserve a second look.

In Search Of...Ms. Analyst

A little knowledge about your therapist can be a dangerous thing.

The Sound of Silence

This session was quiet -- too quiet.

Making the Break

The winter break can feel loooooong. I found a risky way to get around missing Ms. Analyst.


Sometimes in therapy, the topic calls for more than words can say.

Couch Crash

I couldn't take it lying down.

Blastoff 3X a Week: Inside the Pod

 Where does your analysis take you? I visit Another Dimension.

Mr. Analysand

Meet your man on the (psychological) street.