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3 Reasons Why People Refuse to Help Others

Suffering and tragedy bring out the best and worst in humanitarian effort. Why do some generously volunteer time and money, while others flatly refuse to help those in need?

When You Have Too Much Confidence, Expect This to Happen

We are taught to believe in ourselves and strive to reach our goals despite any obstacles. But sometimes success and motivation derail when we think too highly of our abilities.

It's Not My Fault. The Millennial Answer to Everything!

When things go awry, parents and leaders often cast blame, yet fail to take accountability for their decisions. Knowing why we shirk responsibility can lead to better outcomes.

Perfectly Wrong: Why Perfection Can Destroy Your Motivation

Perfection is elusive and fleeting, yet a coveted desire for many. There comes a time when striving for excellence results in obsession and anxiety leading to damaging behaviors.

Ten Essential Success Hacks That You Won’t Learn in School

Achieving personal success and financial freedom requires more than knowing facts. Win at life when you master these essential lessons.
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Motivating Others? Embrace This Hack to Ignite Performance!

Regardless of whether you are running a household, a small business, or a huge company, this Motivation Hack will make the difference between leadership success and failure!

Three Reasons Why Most Motivational Speakers Are Dead Wrong

Many authors and speakers tout "proven formulas" and share "motivational secrets," guaranteed to improve performance and personal growth, but do these methods help or harm?

Transform Failure, Disaster, and Rejection Into a Fortune!

Maybe of us underestimate the power and influence of life's darkest moments. When you learn these simple strategies you will never look at adversity like you have before.

Annoyed at Work? The “Flow” Hack Transforms Motivation!

Is your job boring, tedious or overwhelming? Even the worst positions can be transformed to engaging and exciting when you master the Flow Hack. It only takes a few minutes a day!

This Motivation Hack Will Instantly Alter Your Thinking

The "Anchor Hack" can help you identify personal benchmarks that enhance performance and increase achievement.

Are Your Self-Beliefs Grounded in Reality or Fantasy?

Making critical life decisions based on flawed information can be treacherous to personal and professional growth. Reaching your goals requires dispelling motivational myths.

Want Satisfaction? Do Not Use This Goal-Setting Strategy!

Some planning strategies accelerate performance and almost guarantee goal attainment. Others are counterproductive and often derail achievement. Which ones do you use?

Do You Make These Judgment Errors When Motivating Others?

Teachers, parents, and business leaders are often accountable for motivating others. However, these common mistakes can derail performance motivation in seconds...

Cheating Our Children: Who Is Responsible? Part 2

Educational standards are declining, grades are rising, skills are dropping and the customer-service model of education continues to thrive. What can reverse the disturbing trend?

Cheating Our Children: Who Is Responsible? Part 1*

Mollycoddled, patronized, over-inflated, and indulged. How parents and teachers inadvertently stall development, thwart motivation, and destroy the intellectual growth of learners

Cultivating YES: 6 Strategies That Can Optimize Your Success

Have you ever tried to persuade someone and had your request denied? Don't settle for "NO!" Using these 6 evidence-based strategies correctly may change the course of your life!

Why Is It So Darn Hard to Keep New Year’s Resolutions?

Motivation science reveals why keeping resolutions is so challenging and which evidence-based strategies can ensure you will reach your goals.

Research Reveals New Risks for Daily Social Media Users

Social media usage is rampant, but the seemingly innocuous practice can be lethal to psychological health. Are you or your loved ones vulnerable to the hidden consequences of device devotion?

The Scary Truth About Procrastination

Sometimes finding out the root cause of our behaviors can be downright frightening. Beware the evil that lurks in the minds of the prospective procrastinator!

Which Common Educational Myth Limits Student Achievement?

Misconceptions about teaching and learning are abundant, but there is one single and very common false belief that impacts effective instruction more than anything else. Do you know what it is?

Which Five Powerful Self-Beliefs Motivate Donald Trump?

Research indicates most people are unable to articulate their own motives. Accurate detection of motivation is even more challenging when assessing others. Do you really know what motivates billionaire Donald Trump?

What Are the Five Mistakes That Wealthy People Rarely Make?

How do you compare to the psychologically rich?