Mothering Nature in the Age of Trump: Dr. Riane Eisler

We have to recognize that the rape of nature and the rape of women is of the same dominator cloth: part of an authoritarian and exploitive system of top down-rankings. —Dr. Eisler

Smart Trees Teach via New Film & Bestselling Book

“The Hidden Life of Trees” hits NYTs Best Sellers list, while companion film “Intelligent Trees” roots out the science of tree chatter. Turns out forests have a few things to say.

Interview: The Hidden Life of Trees

"To regulate the destruction of nature by law is not half as effective as loving nature." ~ Peter Wohlleben

Michael Dowd Exclusive: The Future's Calling Us to Greatness

“How do you stay inspired to act in the face of global scale challenges such as climate change, peak oil, the growing gap between the rich and poor, and so forth? What is it that helps you wake up each day motivated to do the vital work that you're doing?” ~~Michael Dowd, to many of the world's leading visionaries, scientists, and change-agents.

Earth Has Ebola: An Open Pre-election Letter

Our step forward together into a future the Earth has never seen before, and that humanity is asked to face, can make future Halloweens a lot less scary than this one...if we are willing to do what needs to be done, right now.

Beyond Blackfish: Symposium Marks a Rapid Heroic Response

Online symposium is a benchmark of rapid heroic response.

All Hands on Deck: A Science Writer Looks at Blackfish

Why Blackfish warrants a panel discussion and workshop at a major university, and how it's a gateway to overhauling the system that’s putting all life on Earth at risk.

Can the Whales Save Us?

Exclusive interviews: How a war on the whales made heroes...and how they could save the world.

Is the health system ready for Years of Living Dangerously?

Is the national mental health system prepared for "Years of Living Dangerously?" Renowned professionals specializing on climate impacts weigh in.

Freeing Lolita from "SeaLand"

How a killer whale’s story echoes the bondage psychology and oppression depicted in one of the world’s great novels.

40 Years a Slavefish

Dolphin abolitionists work to free cetacean slaves, stop massive slaughters, and end corporate tyranny.

When Bands Bolt: Is SeaWorld the New Sun City?

Is SeaWorld the new Sun City? As the world bid farewell to Nelson Mandela world famous bands were cancelling their upcoming performances at SeaWorld's annual music festival.

The “Blackfish Effect” Marks a Major Moral Uprising

The "Blackfish Effect" is a response to the moral crisis of our time: the huge and devastating impact of cultural and corporate domination of the Earth, as well as humans and non-humans alike.

Blackfish Friday

SeaWorld has not so much educated the public about killer whales as its opened people’s hearts to bravely witnessing injustice and to demanding systemic change.

Mothered Earth

How do we face the trauma and fix the problems? The answer is one and the same, and in it rests the heart of humanity: Learn, love, take action, and rejuvenate.

Shamu the Slut

The story of captive orca told so well in Blackfish and Death at SeaWorld presages more than cetacean freedom. It foreshadows an urgent global uprising to set things right everywhere.

Welcome to Mothering Nature: A new PT blog

Welcome to Mothering Nature! And a new era in human psychology. It's time to bring together the biology and the psychology of how to face the greatest transition of all time: the transition to a healthy, thriving and peaceful planet.