Are Americans Really Becoming Less Religious?

Are Americans becoming more secular or just finding new ways to explore spiritual questions and beliefs?

5 Tips for Picking a Psychology Graduate School and Advisor

Wondering if you should go to graduate school in psychology and where to apply? Here are five helpful tips.

Is Modern Academic Feminism Harming Women?

Are American women being harmed by feminists who treat them like they are an oppressed and fragile group that needs protected?

Pokémon Go and the Power of Nostalgia

Can nostalgia explain why people are obsessed with Pokémon Go?

Death, Guns, America

Is the existential threat of death preventing us from having an open and honest conversation about guns in America?

How Nostalgia Can Improve Your Love Life

Are you looking to reenergize your romantic relationship? Nostalgia can help.

A Scientific Case for Ending Sexism in the Church

Research indicates that women are more religious than men and perhaps better able to provide spiritual leadership.

When Safe Spaces Become Danger Zones

The most important psychological characteristics for becoming a good citizen and mature adult are not forged in safe spaces.

What Do We Know About Atheists?

Even though atheists make up a small percentage of the population they are not aliens or people to be distrusted or disliked.

Gratitude Without God

Some people think gratitude is an emotion unique to those who believe in God. But is there any compelling reason to think that atheists are not grateful?

Is Spirituality a Choice?

The wiring of the brain can greatly influence people’s levels of spirituality and religiosity. But this does not mean that people have no choice in the matter.

Science Fiction Feminism

Some of the most critically and commercially successful sci-fi film franchises have featured badass female protagonists.

Are Christians Happier on the Internet than Atheists?

Do Christians and atheists behave differently on the Internet? Research examines differences in emotionality, sociality, and analytical thinking by analyzing tweets.

Science Reveals the Benefits of Prayer

Are your prayers doing any good? Science suggests that they are.

Is Nostalgia a Fountain of Youth?

My research lab has tested and found evidence for the assertion that people feel younger after engaging in nostalgia.

5 Reasons Star Wars is the Perfect Franchise for Nostalgia

I don’t know if the new Star Wars movie is going to be good. Like many, I am cautiously optimistic. Here are five reasons why it is the perfect delivery system for nostalgia.

Why do People Believe in Supernatural Evil Forces?

Do people gain any psychological benefits from believing that evil supernatural forces are real? Emerging research reveals the benefits of believing in evil spirits.

Five Reasons People Don't Like Atheists

Atheists seem to really drive people nuts. Polls identify atheists as untrustworthy, unelectable for public office, and unworthy of marrying into one’s family.

Nostalgia Helps You Make and Keep Friends

Lacking the motivation to socialize? Try nostalgia.

What Scientists Know and Need to Share with the Public

Many scientific studies fail to replicate and this is okay. It is part of the process. However, scientists and the journalists who write about science need to do a better job explaining to the public how science works.

Vacations Can Make You a Better Person

Awe-inspiring experiences reduce self-focus and increase prosocial behavior.

You Don’t Need to Have Racism in Your Heart to be a Racist

In order to combat racism people need to understand that racism can exist without deeply held racist beliefs. Racist behavior is not always the result of conscious deliberation.

The Psychological Benefits of Legalized Gay Marriage

Marriage provides psychological security and meaning. And now these benefits are fully available to same-sex couples.

Is it Time to Change our Narrative about Climate Change?

One thing I have learned from my own research as a social psychologist is that fear is not always a good tool for changing attitudes. But fear is what we often use to get people to care about the environment.

Atheists Love Aliens

Many atheists would argue that they do not believe in something unless there is a good reason for doing so. But is this true?

Good Food Is Good Medicine

Hippocrates is famously quoted as saying “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” What does this actually mean in practice in our daily lives? Well, I think about this quote often when I am deciding what foods I should buy when shopping for my family and subsequently preparing healthy meals at home.

New Decades Call for Meaning Audits

Research suggests that people are generally striving to live meaningful lives. However, it appears that this meaning motive may be more pressing when we feel like we are about to begin a new decade of life.

The Existential Value of Batman

Batman reminds us that we can be more than mortal. He inspires us to confront our core existential fears and live meaningful lives.

Healthy Food For the Family

This post is for all those parents out there who want to provide healthy food options for your kids but are struggling to do so because you are busy or if your kids are like mine, they go through picky phases from time to time.

Finding Meaning in a Meal

We hear a lot about how diet impacts physical health. I would like to propose that diet, and more generally how we think about and approach food, also impacts mental health and psychological well-being.