Good Food Is Good Medicine

Hippocrates is famously quoted as saying “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” What does this actually mean in practice in our daily lives? Well, I think about this quote often when I am deciding what foods I should buy when shopping for my family and subsequently preparing healthy meals at home.

New Decades Call for Meaning Audits

Research suggests that people are generally striving to live meaningful lives. However, it appears that this meaning motive may be more pressing when we feel like we are about to begin a new decade of life.

The Existential Value of Batman

Batman reminds us that we can be more than mortal. He inspires us to confront our core existential fears and live meaningful lives.

Healthy Food For the Family

This post is for all those parents out there who want to provide healthy food options for your kids but are struggling to do so because you are busy or if your kids are like mine, they go through picky phases from time to time.

Finding Meaning in a Meal

We hear a lot about how diet impacts physical health. I would like to propose that diet, and more generally how we think about and approach food, also impacts mental health and psychological well-being.

To Feel Meaningful Is to Feel Immortal

Research suggests that the awareness of mortality drives us to find meaning, and that meaning protects our health and well-being.

Finding Meaning in Your True Self

We are learning more and more about what makes people feel like their lives are meaningful and fulfilling. Living authentically may prove to be a key component of psychological health.

Why Haven’t the Pitchforks Come yet?

Psychological threat leads to defense of prominent cultural beliefs, even if these beliefs are at odds with one's economic self-interest.

Does Denying the Existence of Racism Provide Meaning?

The need to believe in a just world can motivate people to deny the existence of racism.

We Don’t Need Ice, We Need to Fund Science

In recent years federal funding for medical research has been cut. If we really want to fight disease, we need to support the politicians who support science.

Finding Meaning in Movement

Research suggests that working out can help people find meaning in life.

Why Robin Williams Is Immortal

Symbolic immortality helps people cope with the death of others.

Is This the Way to Change Our Attitudes About Violence?

Research indicates that existential concerns about human animality can influence aggressive behavior and attitudes about resolving international conflicts with violence.

5 Scientifically-Supported Benefits of Prayer

Scientific research indicates that prayer can improve mental, physical, and social health.

The Benefits of Celebrating Father’s Day

Celebrating Father's Day may be good for our mental and physical health.

Why We Care About Friday the 13th

Superstitions may result from a need for control and a desire to make sense of things.

My Dog is Not an Animal

The awareness of death may motivate people to treat their dogs like humans.

Why We Really Go to The Movies

Research indicates that insecurities about mortality make us fantasize about having superpowers.

Why Do We Put Up With Toxic Relationships? Meaning Matters

People may be inclined to tolerate bad relationships because of their need to find meaning in life.

More Evidence that Finding Purpose Reduces Risk of Mortality

Research continues to highlight the health implications of finding purpose in life. Adults of all ages who lack purpose are more likely to die.

Why We Believe in Fate, Sometimes

It was not meant to be. Everything happens for a reason. People make statements like these all the time. When life does not go our way or we cannot make sense of a particular event or outcome, believing in fate can provide comfort.

Bored? Try Nostalgia

Recent research suggests nostalgia is a cure for boredom.

Happy Birthday, Game Boy!

Do you have fond memories involving the Game Boy? It just turned 25 so take a little trip down memory lane. It will be good for you.

A Meaningful Life Leads to a Longer Life

Research suggests that finding meaning in life helps you live a longer life.

Is Science a Religion for Non-Believers?

It has long been argued that people utilize religion as a coping mechanism. Loss, uncertainty, and feelings of meaninglessness have all been linked to religiosity. When people are facing difficult life experiences and emotions, their faith offers comfort, provides a sense of order, and bolsters the belief that everything happens for a reason. But what about non-believers?

The Rehabilitation of an Old Emotion

A Swiss physician named Johannes Hofer coined the term nostalgia in the late 17th century to describe what he considered to be a cerebral disease unique to Swiss mercenaries fighting wars far from home. Fast forward over three hundred years to the present day and nostalgia is everywhere.

Can religion really keep us safe?

The recent massacre at Sandy Hook has left us grasping for answers. How could such a horrible event occur? Who could do such a thing? Why is there so much violence in our society? In a frantic effort to make sense of this tragedy, people are entertaining all sorts of explanations.

Zombies, Plagues, Meteors, and God’s Wrath

Why do we have such a fascination with apocalyptic scenarios?

Are Religious People Happier Than Non-religious People?

The short answer is yes. Here are the reasons why religious affiliation and happiness go hand in hand.

To Shoot or Not to Shoot: Racial Bias and Irreversible Decisions

In real life situations, there could be a number of other factors that make it difficult to correctly make quick and irreversible decisions.