Death and Transhumanism

As people become less traditionally religious do they become more interested techno-religions that use science to solve the problem of death?

Taking Risks to Move the Culture Forward

Chatting with the founder of a new online magazine dedicated to publishing diverse views in politics, science, culture, and the arts.

On the Modern Self

Writer Will Storr discusses his new book: Selfie.

Criticism of Constructionism Expansion Pack 1

More thoughts on problems in the social sciences and why postmodern research is not science.

On Criminology and Politics in the Social Sciences

A biosocial criminologist's thoughts on the state of his field, professional challenges, and ideological bias within the social sciences.

Why Money Matters for Meaning

New research reveals that economic insecurity threatens perceptions of meaning in life.

5 Reasons the Holidays Are a Powerful Source of Nostalgia

Research explains so many of our nostalgic memories are connected to holiday gatherings, rituals, and traditions.

Are Colleges Really Overreacting?

Many colleges are not overreacting to post-election concerns. They are simply making sure students are aware of and have access to important mental health services.

The Growth of a Victimhood Culture

America is freer and safer than ever, so why do more and more students feel threatened and vulnerable?

The Need for Some Post-Election Perspective-Taking

As Americans, we need to do the challenging work of stepping outside of our own minds and trying to put ourselves in the heads of others, especially those who seem so different.

Can Viewpoint Diversity Save Academia?

Liberals largely control the social sciences and dominate the university culture. Is this lack of viewpoint diversity harmful?

Are Americans Really Becoming Less Religious?

Are Americans becoming more secular or just finding new ways to explore spiritual questions and beliefs?

5 Tips for Picking a Psychology Graduate School and Advisor

Wondering if you should go to graduate school in psychology and where to apply? Here are five helpful tips.

Is Modern Academic Feminism Harming Women?

Are American women being harmed by feminists who treat them like they are an oppressed and fragile group that needs protected?

Pokémon Go and the Power of Nostalgia

Can nostalgia explain why people are obsessed with Pokémon Go?

Death, Guns, America

Is the existential threat of death preventing us from having an open and honest conversation about guns in America?

How Nostalgia Can Improve Your Love Life

Are you looking to reenergize your romantic relationship? Nostalgia can help.



When Safe Spaces Become Danger Zones

The most important psychological characteristics for becoming a good citizen and mature adult are not forged in safe spaces.

What Do We Know About Atheists?

Even though atheists make up a small percentage of the population they are not aliens or people to be distrusted or disliked.

Gratitude Without God

Some people think gratitude is an emotion unique to those who believe in God. But is there any compelling reason to think that atheists are not grateful?

Is Spirituality a Choice?

The wiring of the brain can greatly influence people’s levels of spirituality and religiosity. But this does not mean that people have no choice in the matter.

Science Fiction Feminism

Some of the most critically and commercially successful sci-fi film franchises have featured badass female protagonists.

Are Christians Happier on the Internet than Atheists?

Do Christians and atheists behave differently on the Internet? Research examines differences in emotionality, sociality, and analytical thinking by analyzing tweets.

Science Reveals the Benefits of Prayer

Are your prayers doing any good? Science suggests that they are.

Is Nostalgia a Fountain of Youth?

My research lab has tested and found evidence for the assertion that people feel younger after engaging in nostalgia.

5 Reasons Star Wars is the Perfect Franchise for Nostalgia

I don’t know if the new Star Wars movie is going to be good. Like many, I am cautiously optimistic. Here are five reasons why it is the perfect delivery system for nostalgia.

Why do People Believe in Supernatural Evil Forces?

Do people gain any psychological benefits from believing that evil supernatural forces are real? Emerging research reveals the benefits of believing in evil spirits.

Five Reasons People Don't Like Atheists

Atheists seem to really drive people nuts. Polls identify atheists as untrustworthy, unelectable for public office, and unworthy of marrying into one’s family.

Nostalgia Helps You Make and Keep Friends

Lacking the motivation to socialize? Try nostalgia.