The Nintendo Game Boy just turned 25. I still have a working original Game Boy (two actually) so I think I will dust one off this week and give it a go. That little machine may not seem like much in the current era of smart phones and advanced handheld game systems that have amazing graphics, touch screens, and even glasses-free 3D, but it is worth paying tribute to the system that truly paved the way for all of the modern portable electronic devices that we love.

Also, if you have any memories involving a Game Boy, it is a good opportunity for a little nostalgia, an activity that has many psychological benefits. See some of my previous posts here and here on why nostalgia is good for you. Also, I will be posting very soon on some new research further highlighting the benefits of nostalgia.

So Happy Birthday, Game Boy! I think I will play Super Mario Land 1 and 2 today.

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