Making the Most of Rough Times in Therapy

Is there any way to learn but the hard way?

All Things Considered

How can we help our patients make peace with what they have in life?

Can a Woman or a Man Love More Than Once?

Can a woman, or a man, love more than once? Here are some thoughts on the Original Love Triangle.

Couples Who Fight as a "Way of Life"

"Some couples get a lot of love out of fighting like hell for years." -- Elvin Semrad

How Can We Help a Person to Overcome Chronic Guilt?

When your patient is suffering from chronic guilt, could it be that something else is really at issue?

Marital Infidelity: Existential Uncertainty in Spades

"How can I ever trust my husband/wife again?"

How a Poem Gave Direction in Therapy

Why is this patient feeling sad? A poem speaks directly to the heart of the matter in therapy.

Why Is Christmas a Painful Time for So Many?

Christmas time is a challenge for many. Can it be an opportunity for growing and healing?

The "I Ching" as Facilitator in Psychotherapy

When therapy seems stuck, ancient Chinese wisdom may come to the rescue.

Panic: A Workable Approach

The symptom of panic escalates urgency and creates drama. We can de-escalate and ground our patient into useful therapeutic work with this effective approach.

Surrendering, Giving Up, Resignation, Grief, and Growth

Are you feeling hopeless about moving your life forward in some direction? Giving up can yield unexpected consequences.

Now That the Brits Have Left the European Union

Where will their dissatisfaction and anger go?

How Symptoms are Solutions

Worrying seems to be purposeless suffering. It's actually a solution to existential pain.

Decision Making: A Major Life Challenge

Do you suffer when you have to make decisions?

A Buddhist Sutra of Use in Psychotherapy

Discouragement and self-criticism can soften in the context of Buddhist wisdom.

Does "Forgiveness" Make Sense?

Is forgiveness possible?

The Only Socially Acceptable Psychosis

What can be called "the only socially acceptable psychosis"?

The Three Options We Have in Life

What are the three choices we have in life?

The Three Options We Have in Life

What are the three choices we have in life?

A Way to Enlist the Help of the Cosmos

Is there a way to extend a compelling invitation to Providence?

One Sign of “Hitting the Mark” in Psychotherapy

Doing the work of psychotherapy: does your body give you a signal that the work is on target?

True Reflection

Have your children and grandchildren helped you to heal and grow?

"Inside Out" and the Legacy of a Legend

What can the Disney Pixar film "Inside Out" have to do with the legacy of a mentor? How can sadness be "the vitamin of growth?"

A Message from the Muse

Unconscious processes work in mysterious ways. Do you know what it takes to realize your full creative and productive potential?