How to Make a Relationship Last Forever

With the rate of divorce hovering around 50 percent, people often ask how they can make a relationship last forever? These are my top three tips.

3 Signs That You’re Stuck in a Bad Relationship

It's difficult to admit that a relationship which started out so great has turned into something bad. Here are three signs that it might be time to end your relationship.

3 Steps to Happiness

The secret to happiness in three simple steps.

Sex at the Olympic Games? The Truth Revealed

For years now, hundreds of thousands of condoms have been distributed to athletes at the Olympic Games. But how many are actually being used?

One Thing You Must Know About Jealousy

Evolutionary psychology explain a critical gender difference in jealousy responses. Men have more to gain from sex with multiple partners so they respond by looking for someone new. Women have more to gain from keeping their partner committed so they respond by enhancing themselves and the relationship.
Black People Have a Right to Be Angry

Black People Have a Right to Be Angry

Those in power don’t care if thousands of people disagree with the Brown and Garner verdicts as long as white supremacy remains intact. Peaceful protests mean that rich white people will continue to live comfortably.
The 10 Commandments: More Harm Than Good?

The 10 Commandments: More Harm Than Good?

The Ten Commandments direct attention to qualities that should be avoided. Given the powerful influence of language on our lives, we might consider re-framing these negative statements into positives. For example, "Thou shall not commit adultery" might yield better outcomes if changed to "I will be faithful to my spouse."

Why First Marriages Fail

Are you doomed if you married your first love? The immature patterns developed early in a relationship have the potential to destroy a partnership down the line.
Why People Cheat

Why People Cheat

Over 90% of Americans believe infidelity is unacceptable, yet 30-40% of people engage in it. Is the phrase, “once a cheater, always a cheater” true? Here, I answer these questions and outline the three reasons for cheating.

It’s a New Year…Time to Assess Your Relationship

Intimate partners impact our well being in a tremendous way. It’s essential that these relations are healthy and satisfying. In this article, I describe ways to improve an existing partnership or decide whether it’s time to move on.

Gift-Giving for the Holidays

Some people love the holidays. They immerse themselves in all the season has to offer. Other people dread this time of year and struggle to find the perfect gift. For those who need help, I outline quick tips to make the gift selection process more enjoyable.

5 Tips for Daters Who Want a Relationship

Five recommendations for people looking for a satisfying and long-term relationship: 1) work on yourself first; 2) find a similar partner; 3) avoid early relationship pitfalls; 4) balance independence with interdependence; 5) when the time is right, put the relationship’s needs first.
Rituals: Connecting People Together

Rituals: Connecting People Together

Rituals serve numerous positive functions for couples and families. Familiar patterns, such as sitting down for a meal together, provide predictability and stability when things are chaotic and stressful. Rituals can also facilitate transitions such as when partners become parents, when children enter preschool, or when family members become ill or pass away.

Catfish and Secrets

A catfish is a person who creates a false identity to pursue a romantic interest online. We've heard about this experience through a documentary film (Catfish), MTV, and the famous case of Manti Te'o. But can catfishing be positive? In this entry, I explore the idea that secrets can sometimes benefit relationships.

Love, Athletics, and the Case of Tiger Woods

Athletes perform better when in love, such as the case with Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn. Being in love is characterized by intense passion, increased energy, and obsessive thoughts, which parallels the qualities experienced by high performance athletes. Given the overlap, do athletes perform better or worse when in love?

Relationships: Tending to the Garden

Lately I've been thinking about the gifts we have in life, including relationships.