The Fine Line Between Denial and Positive Thinking

Many families wait way too long to hire help. Are they misreading the problem or is it something else?

Caring For The Parent Who Doesn’t Care For You

For the adult child, a parent's illness often brings the most difficult feelings of childhood to the surface, taking even the most prepared by complete surprise.

Sexuality and Sex, And Caregiving

"Caregiving roles vary – household, as family caretaker, and, also rarely discussed, sexual."

When the Enabler Becomes the Disabler

In the business of doing for others what they can do for themselves? Welcome to the reality of Enabler/Disabler (they are one and the same).

Alzheimer’s, Alcoholism and—Finally—Healing

Over the past few years, a growing movement in elder care has taken shape to see Alzheimer’s disease differently, to find what is hopeful and positive in dementia caregiving—even if the disease is advanced. But how?

The Fantasy of the "Aging-Parent Talk"

We are told to have "the talk" about changes that may occur later in life. As a clinician, there are questions I think are good to ask about health but what if your parent is not going to give it up? What if he or she is not a talker? What if you are not a talker?