Playing violent video games: Good or bad?

The Supreme Court is weighing arguments for and against a California law banning the sale of violent video games to minors. The dispute is over whether it is a violation of free speech to ban them. But the issue is really about public health

Got real conservatism?

Conservatism is about conserving, respecting tradition and moving cautiously. It's thoughtful and level-headed, a moral perspective that is actually hard to find in the USA.

Are You or Your Child on a (Touch) Starvation Diet?

Real, natural joy. Where does it come from? Here is one source: affectionate touch.

The Decline of Children and the Moral Sense

Do you want your child to be selfish and aggressive or conscientious and compassionate?

Listening to Talk Shows Can Corrode Your Morality

Why do we listen to judgmental speech? Judgmental media is titillating. It grabs your attention, like violence in movies..... But it is a road towards vice not virtue.

The Morality of Care for Our Environment

I did not see it soon enough. Or if I “saw”, I did not understand my moral obligation.

Tantrum Morality: TEA Party and Glenn Beck

Do you have moral tantrums?

Howard Bloom’s "Genius of the Beast"—Capitalism as Ultimate Fulfillment?

Genius is convincing only if you limit your purview, as Bloom does, to the last 10,000 years or so of human history.

Bunker Morality and Gorilla Tactics

There are two parts to Stephen Colbert's* morality. First, he has a reactive stress system. He sees threats around every corner, showing that his primitive survival systems are constantly activated. This is "bunker morality" that represents the most primitive moral sense that humans display (sorry, Stephen!).

Truthiness and Tricky Intuitions

You are walking hungrily through the grocery aisle. A particular box of cereal looks tasty. Should you buy it? It feels "right" to get it, and you hear the encouraging voices in your head: "Just do it" "Have it your way!" But should you? If you are health conscious, it may be best to pause.