Health Crises in the US and Mexico: A Shared Component?

Both countries have massive health problems and share a possible contributing cause.

Breaking Bad Going Tribal? Giving Humanity a Bad Rap

Ross Douthat’s column on Breaking Bad credits the star, Walt, a drug kingpin, for showing morality of a primitive sort. Douthat cites James Bowman for the idea that Walt returns to a type of honor culture, family-oriented tribalism that preceded the Enlightenment’s orientation to universal values. Not. He gets this wrong but other things right.

Research on Spanking: It’s Bad for ALL Kids

Put away your paddleboards. Spanking does not help children learn to be good. Instead, research shows that children become more aggressive and less healthy over time.

Bedsharing or Co-Sleeping Can Save Babies' Lives

Most of the time when cosleeping and bedsharing with babies are discussed, the focus is on the dangers. But there are numerous reported benefits. Listen what parents say about saving their baby's life because they were nearby.

“Rascal” Baby Prince George?

Prince William called his new baby, Prince George, a “rascal,” a disturbing comment because it may signal a parent-child power struggle, a misconstrual of babies and a misunderstanding of how best to parent babies.

Why Breastfeed? Build a Better Brain

If you have any doubts about the massive benefits of breastfeeding, you have not been paying attention.

Families in Crisis—The New Normal?

We seem to be living in an era when emergency procedures are used for everyday living, especially in families.

Pro-Circumcision Culturally Biased, Not Scientific: Experts

American Academy of Pediatrics reported that infant circumcision is beneficial to infant boys. The arguments were flawed and biased according to international medical experts.

The Period of PURPLE Cry

The period of PURPLE crying is becoming a popular way to reassure parents in the first months with a newborn. But it has its dangers for the baby and the parent-child relationship.

Bed Sharing With Babies: What is the Hype About?

Bed sharing is good for babies. Humans have done it since they evolved. Babies' bodies expect it for optimal growth and development. So what is the fuss about?

SIDS: Risks and Realities

A new study by Carpenter and colleagues in the British Medical Journal makes claims about bedsharing, breastfeeding and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Here is what they got wrong.

Understanding and Helping Toddler Sleep--Preparing Success

Practical, tested ways to help your toddler sleep...

Understanding and Helping Toddler Sleep-Tiredness?

Knowing what tiredness looks like in a toddler signals when to start sleep routine

Understanding and Helping Toddler Sleep

Every parent has despaired of their toddler's night waking, no matter where the toddler sleeps and no matter the circumstances surrounding the desperation.

More Normal Parenting for Sleep

Wouldn’t it be nice if infants and children wanted to sleep exactly where we wanted to put them on a given day?

Normal Infant Sleep: Night Nursing's Importance

Nursing often is what sends our little ones to sleep and may offer more benefits than previously realized

Normal Parent Behaviors and Why They Won’t Hurt Your Child

Many parents who sleep with their child get comments along the lines of, “Your child will never leave if you don’t move them” or “What about your sex life?”. Parents end up questioning if they are doing the right thing for their child...

Mind of a Rampage Killer: Avoiding Possible Roots

The PBS show mentions the importance of early experience for mental and social health but does not elaborate. Here are ways to foster positive mental health in young children.

Normal Infant Sleep: Changing Patterns

“My child wakes up at 2am and is up for 1-2 hours!” One of us remembers very clearly the first time her daughter ended up doing this....

Normal, Human Infant Sleep: Feeding Method and Development

Although US culture emphasizes “sleeping through the night,” this is is not biologically normal. Knowledge about normal sleep patterns can help alleviate the stress and anxiety parents feel, leading to happier times for the entire family.

Simple Ways to Calm a Crying Baby

“My baby is only happy in my arms, the minute I put her down she cries.”

New Moms Need Social Support

Growing up my mom always joked with me, “I wish you could have stayed a baby.” She loved that I needed her, that she could hug and kiss me infinitely without my complaints. But most of all, she jokes her favorite thing was the attention she received.

'Let Crying Babes Lie'? So Wrong

Recent research on baby sleep training is misreported and misleading. Let's shed some light on the findings.
Sarah BabyCalm

Baby Sleep Training: Mistakes “Experts” and Parents Make

A world of “experts” and journalists tell parents about the safety of “controlled crying” or “cry it out” techniques to make babies sleep. The advice has multiple mistaken premises and conclusions about what is normal and good for babies.

Painkillers for Childbirth? The Few Pros and Many Cons

Begging for an epidural, no Gleek will soon forget Quinn yelling, “You suck! You suck! You suck!” at Puck for the duration of her labor. But are epidurals a good idea?

What's the Use of Midwives and Doulas?

Studies indicate that having a birth coach (doula) decreases use of various interventions and that expectant mothers are significantly more pleased with the birth process than are mothers assisted only by doctors.

Home Birth: Jesus Had One

In the USA today, less than 1% of births are at home. But the shift to hospitals has not worked out well for everyone: the USA has the highest infant and maternal mortality rate in the developed world.

Can We Stop Confusing IQ With Intelligence?

Adam Lanza, the school shooter, was reportedly “a genius." When will we stop equating book knowledge with intelligence?

What if Jesus Had Been Born in the USA?

If Jesus had been born under USA standards, he might not have been the wise, calm, peaceloving person he became. Why?

What Does Good Parenting Look Like? You Decide.

Parenting advice is confusing. Tell us what you think.