Creating a Peaceful World Through Parenting

We all want peace but we are surrounded with psychopathology. How do we decrease the amount of psychopathy in our society and increase peaceableness? Here are 17 things we can do.

Raising a Baby Well: Like Climbing Mount Everest

Mountain climbers prepare for the strains of challenging mountains. Wise parenting also takes preparation. I examine the parallels, from practice and focus to respect and support.

Should Toddlers Be Medicated for ADHD?

How does a family get to the point of putting a 2-year-old on drugs? How do toddlers become out of control? Let’s look at the players in the world of the child.

Successful Motherhood Is a Collaboration

Mothers raising children at home alone is a strange and recent phenomenon and contrary to optimizing child development and mothers’ flourishing.

How Modern Societies Violate Human Development

The modern world has been making itself into a pathological place by establishing as ‘normal’ various practices that violate basic human needs. This leads to the development of suboptimal creatures who willy-nilly destroy their habitat (yes, us!). I present a short list of violations.

Five Things NOT to Do to Babies

When I had a puppy, he hated to be ignored or left alone. At those times he would chew up the furniture. Babies hate these things too, but they can’t damage the furniture to let us know. Instead, their development gets undermined and we and society have to live with the anxious and depressed results.

Why Play With a Child?

Do you ever get to the end of the day and you feel exhausted, like you just can't do anything more and just want to relax? And then as you take off your jacket and your shoes, you hear: "Mommy! Daddy! Come play with me!" Although playing with your child may seem like a hassle, you will probably think twice about saying “no” after reading this.

What's Better: Indoor or Outdoor Play?

What is valuable about outdoor play?

Infant Couch Potatoes

Should babies (0-2) be playing with tablets, watching television or videos?

Does Too Much Screen Time Make Kids Sick?

In 2001, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended that children have no more than two hours of non-school-related screen time per weekday but children have much more than that. Does it matter?

Playing at School: More Important Than We Thought?

Playing at school (e.g., recess) has decreased dramatically or been eliminated in schools in recent decades. Why is that bad for kids?

Is Pretend Play Good for Kids?

There are two types of pretend play. Are they good for kids?

Children May Be Playing, but Their Brains Are Working

What types of play are there and why are they important for children's development?

Playing with Heart

The power of play—for all of us!

Happiness and Growth through Play

Play is found throughout the natural world. But you are an adult—do adults play?

Time for a Good Life

Gary Eberle, in his book, Sacred Time and the Search for Meaning, describes the gradual enslavement of human beings by time and the clock.

Love Starts With Babies

A lot of these suggestions are about being responsive to your baby. Having a positively-responsive parent is one of the best predictors of good outcomes for kids.

Premies: Maternal Touch Has 10-Year Effects

Mother-infant positive physical contact has been documented to organize the infant’s systems and their development. In a new study with premature babies, brief positive physical contact influenced sleep patterns, brain development, self-control and stress reactivity.

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Babies

Have you noticed all the stressed babies? Maybe one in 30 I see has glowing eyes, which I take as a sign of thriving. What's up? Perhaps ignorance about babies and their needs. Here are 10 things to know.

Baby Flashcards?

Babies are smarter than many thought. But where does that smarts come from? Not flashcards or videos...

Health Crises in the US and Mexico: A Shared Component?

Both countries have massive health problems and share a possible contributing cause.

Breaking Bad Going Tribal? Giving Humanity a Bad Rap

Ross Douthat’s column on Breaking Bad credits the star, Walt, a drug kingpin, for showing morality of a primitive sort. Douthat cites James Bowman for the idea that Walt returns to a type of honor culture, family-oriented tribalism that preceded the Enlightenment’s orientation to universal values. Not. He gets this wrong but other things right.

Research on Spanking: It’s Bad For ALL Kids

Put away your paddleboards. Spanking does not help children learn to be good. Instead, research shows that children become more aggressive and less healthy over time.

Bedsharing or Co-Sleeping Can Save Babies' Lives

Most of the time when cosleeping and bedsharing with babies are discussed, the focus is on the dangers. But there are numerous reported benefits. Listen what parents say about saving their baby's life because they were nearby.

“Rascal” Baby Prince George?

Prince William called his new baby, Prince George, a “rascal,” a disturbing comment because it may signal a parent-child power struggle, a misconstrual of babies and a misunderstanding of how best to parent babies.

Why Breastfeed? Build a Better Brain

If you have any doubts about the massive benefits of breastfeeding, you have not been paying attention.

Families in Crisis—The New Normal?

We seem to be living in an era when emergency procedures are used for everyday living, especially in families.

Pro-Circumcision Culturally Biased, Not Scientific: Experts

American Academy of Pediatrics reported that infant circumcision is beneficial to infant boys. The arguments were flawed and biased according to international medical experts.

The Period of PURPLE Cry

The period of PURPLE crying is becoming a popular way to reassure parents in the first months with a newborn. But it has its dangers for the baby and the parent-child relationship.

Bed Sharing With Babies: What is the Hype About?

Bed sharing is good for babies. Humans have done it since they evolved. Babies' bodies expect it for optimal growth and development. So what is the fuss about?