What if Jesus Had Been Born in the USA?

If Jesus had been born under USA standards, he might not have been the wise, calm, peaceloving person he became. Why?

What Does Good Parenting Look Like? You Decide.

Parenting advice is confusing. Tell us what you think.

Enjoy Peace with Right-Hemisphere Shift

Before the stroke Dr Taylor was angry and dominant. During the stroke and recovery she was in a state of peace. What she learned changed her life and could change yours.

What Happened to Ethics in Pediatric Medicine?

The premiere journal of pediatric medicine has declared that sleep training has no adverse effects on a baby. Have pediatric researchers lost their minds?

Stand Up For Breastfeeding

Don’t let medical personnel undermine breastfeeding. What mothers feed their infants is very important for their child’s lifetime health and well being.

Breastfeeding Facts to Know and Discuss

Tell them what the research says. There is no replacement. Breastfeeding is normal, natural and necessary for optimal health.

Baby-, Parent- or Life-Centered Parenting?

Clashing parenting cultures--Bring up Bebe detachment, Time Magazine's obsessive parenting. Does it have to be either/or?

Ten Ways to Truly Respect Motherhood

When my mother was having her children in the 1950s and 1960s, mothers were "knocked out" for childbirth and babies were extracted with forceps and taken away. Such disrespect of mothers, babies and motherhood! Things haven't changed that much...

Killing and the Vicious Imagination

Is Bales a “bad apple” or a prisoner of a system that encourages vicious imagination?

Childism Revisited

Results of last week's Childism poll and more about Young-Bruehl's book, Childism.

Are You a “Childist?"

Elisabeth Young-Bruehl says that the USA is anti-child. Are you?

Blurred Moral Vision (The Psychology of Killing – Part 2)

Have you noticed how situations and systems influence your morality?

Babies Are Needy—Does That Bug You?

It’s really important to get straight on what babies need before having one.

The Psychology of Killing and NonKilling

“A United States Army sergeant methodically killed at least 16 civilians, 9 of them children...” A bad apple? Believe it or not, we can each shift into evil thoughts and behavior quite easily.

Slings and Heroes

Mayim Bialik has a new book extolling attachment parenting. Her Ph.D in neuroscience gives her important insights. Here is an additional key to happy and smart children.

Self-Control: (a) Innate, or (b) Dependent on Mom and Dad?

A recent study shows that non-addict siblings of drug addicts have similar deficits in circuitry for self-control (Ersche et al., 2012). The study has been reported as indicative of inborn capacities for self-control. BIG MISTAKE.

Parents Should Know the Limitations of Science Experiments

There really aren't any human experiments that can be done to inform you how to parent at any given moment. So what can help with your parenting?

Recovering From “Cry It Out” Parenting as an Adult

Did your parents undercare for you? Did you live in a hostile family environment for emotional expression? I did. My physical, mental and social health were affected and here are some things I did to heal myself.

Dangers of “Crying It Out”

Letting babies “cry it out” is an idea that has been around at least since the behaviorist John Watson applied the mechanistic paradigm of behaviorism to child rearing in 1928, the decade when parents began trusting "science" more than their instincts.

Humans Are Less Violent Than Ever? Than When? And How?

Steven Pinker tells us that humans are less violent than ever. But in his review he leaves off most of human existence. Hobbesian evolutionary psychology strikes again--confusing data and ignoring the past to feel good about today.

Do We Need Declaration for the Rights of the Baby?

Most recently, a 23-year-old released a video of her judge father beating her at age 16. Such abuse violates the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Because of the vast mistreatment of babies, I propose that we consider a Declaration for the Rights of the Baby. Here's an initial list for what to include.

Doctor Ignorance of Male Anatomy Harms Boys

Why does ignorance about male anatomy in healthcare persist?

What Is the Greatest Danger for an Uncircumcised Boy?

Doctors can cause injury to intact boys during well-child visits. What you should know.

Evolutionary Shockology and Human Nature

How did you get the idea that human nature is violent, evil and selfish?

Circumcision Ethics and Economics

Infant circumcision is an ethical issue that has lifelong effects on the child and societal costs.

Circumcision: Social, Sexual, Psychological Realities

We continue examining myths about circumcision, including traditions, social and sexual relations.

More Circumcision Myths You May Believe: Hygiene and STDs

There's a lot of hype about how circumcision is better for a man's health. But it is really?

Myths about Circumcision You Likely Believe

With my first child, I just thought that circumcision was what you did, no big deal, and every man was circumcised. Then one day I saw a picture of a baby being circumcised, and everything changed.

Promoting Thriving in School-Aged Children: A Checklist

Children are designed to grow best from challenging social play outdoors in the rhythms of nature. They build a sense of belonging, competence, autonomy, purpose, as well as trust and understanding of the world. But what can we do when children have to be in school all day?