Why Close a Street to Play as a Community?

Did you play in the streets when you were a kid? I sure did. Here is how you can make it happen again--as an adult.

Pushing Play in the Community

The people of Takoma Park work together to make sure it’s a safe place for children to play, reports a 16-year-old player-observer.

How to Plan a Play Day in Your Community

Why sponsor a play day? George Bernard Shaw told us, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Why Does “Caveman” Parenting Influence Adult Morality?

Babies develop dynamically in response to the care they receive, which influences later moral sensibilities too.

Why Does 'Caveman' Parenting Support Adult Mental Health?

Affection, touch, play—did you have them in childhood? As an adult, your health and social skills may depend on them.

How to Start a Play Committee in Your Community

People of all ages love to play and all you have to do to build a play community is find the playful folks around you.

The Play Lady Tells Us How to Become Play-ers

Think back to your childhood, did you know a child who was outside playing all the time? Pat Rumbaugh was one of those children. Now she helps everyone play.

Mass Killers Explained by Syndrome E (Evil)

Recently, Itzhak Fried hosted a conference on Syndrome E, an idea he published in 1997 to explain mass killers. Let’s examine the characteristics and alternative explanations.

'Grit' Training for Babies?

The idea of “grit” is hot right now. Schools and businesses are taking up an emphasis on grit, the perseverance to get a job done. Is it good for babies? Nope, and here’s why.

What Does the Family Foster: A Lovable or Unlovable Self?

Pope Francis says “family life as the place where we come to learn the meaning and value of human relationships.” Will the child build a sense of being lovable or unlovable?

Letter to “Happily Circumcised” Father

Two experts reply to a letter from a father who questions why infant circumcision is harmful: he says that his child did not cry during circumcision and that he and his brothers don’t remember their circumcisions.

Does Your Psyche Embrace Flourishing?

“A shared story is the basis of the ability of any people to live together as an organized society.” Cultural stories or narratives shape attitudes and behaviors, influencing everyday psychological functioning. David Korten says that we have our story wrong, one that heads us toward self-destruction. There is an alternative, life-promoting story...

The Bracing, Empty Self versus the Open, Heart-Minded Self

The anthropologist, Colin Turnbull, contrasted his British upbringing with African Mbuti children, a non-industrialized foraging society whom he studied. Upon reaching adolescence. Mbuti children brimmed with skills and confidence whereas in contrast, he had felt empty and uncertain, ripe for bullying by teachers and peers.

Baby Crying? Don't Shame the Parents!

A medical doctor, also a parent, wrote to me recently to complain about my blog post, "'Dangers of Crying it Out.'" Here is (most of) my response.

Love for a Killer: "A Very Evil Kid”

When Adam Lanza massacred school children, people asked about his genes. But that was the wrong question. Genes are inert without experience. Families of victims of Dylann Roof’s gun rampage forgave him. It’s a show of love that he probably needed much earlier in his life.

Practical Tips for Men Distressed by Their Circumcision

“I am deeply troubled by having been circumcised as an infant. It causes me distress on a daily basis and interferes with my ability to enjoy life. Can you suggest a professional who can help me?”

Conversation with a Mother about Sleep Training her Baby

Dear Dr., I need help! I have a lovely 11 month old baby girl and my husband and I both work full-time… I resorted to sleep coaching recently… I am afraid that we have already done irreparable damage to our sweet baby.

Mad Men vs. Hill Street Blues

Which world do you choose?

Solving Humanity’s Emotional Disorders

In the last 1% of human genus existence, mental illness has become rampant. What are we doing wrong?

Biased? Yes, against the tide and FOR baby’s needs

Someone recently remarked that I was biased... Yes, I am biased FOR babies. I am out of sync with biases that lead people to think letting babies scream is a good thing. Not!

“Having Guts” to Harden Parents’ Hearts

“Do you have the guts? You’re chicken if you don’t!” Remember such taunts to do stupid things in childhood? Apparently they are common in adulthood too—most recently with a doctor advising new parents. Destructive and unethical, let’s take a look.

Anxious Parents Helped by “World’s Worst Mom”

Lenore Skenazy was called a bad mother when she let her 9-year old son ride the NY subway alone. Now she hosts a TV show to help parents become more like her.

Circumcision’s Psychological Damage

The CDC’s new recommendations for genital cutting of boys of all ages ignored the research on psychological harm. We review the evidence.

Protect (All) Your Boys from Early Trauma

It sounds like a conspiracy. The government is about to officially sanction intentional harming of infants. They want medical personnel to pressure parents to accept infant, child, even teen circumcision. Not only is the move based on faulty data and reasoning, it is unethical.

Why Carefully Invest Daily in a Child

Sometimes parents think they’ve done their work after the child is born. But that is just the beginning of the daily attention needed for good outcomes.

Domination or Partnership? How Does Your Family Stack Up?

Does your family have an environment that encourages positive development of all family members?

Conflict in the Family: Why Mom and Dad Should Say “Sorry”

Though marital conflict is inevitable, how much does it affect the development of children?

Why Dad’s “Talk” is Important

Does it matter if Dad doesn’t discuss emotions? Yes, yes, yes!

“Mr. Mom” The New (or Old?) Normal

Biology and evolution show us that dads are essential for child wellbeing.

Why Kids Should Be Protected from Toxic Stress

Have you noticed children who suddenly shift into heightened emotion? Their self-regulation systems have not been developed properly.