Morality: Seeds Must Be Planted Rightly in Early LIfe

It’s easy to believe that reasoning is the most important aspect of morality. But it isn't. Morality "goes all the way down" to how well our neurobiological systems work.

Why Not Circumcise Your Boy? Risk for Autism

New research raises new questions.

What Adults Did to Me at Birth: A Baby’s Point of View

You civilized people don't know what you are doing to babies. Here's my story.

Raising Children With Love or Dynamite?

Every animal has a nest that optimizes the development of the young. Humans have an intensive nest and without it they miss their potential and can become vicious. Welcome to now.

Is Humanity's "Moral Sense" Inherited or Nurtured?

Humans inherit many things from their ancestors beyond genes. Darwin argued with evidence that humanity's "moral sense" is part of their nature, not against it. Where did it go?

Why Worry About Undercared for Males? Messed up Morals!

“Boys will be boys” is passed between adults when they throw up their hands and give up on socializing males. It turns out that male misconduct is a sign of undercare in babyhood.

Be Worried About Boys, Especially Baby Boys

Parental toughness toward babies is celebrated as “not spoiling the baby” and not making boys into "sissies." A review of neurobiological research shows these are fallacies.

Facing Threat with Integrity

Larry Colburn, who just died, helped stop the My Lai massacre in 1968. We can learn two lessons from him.

Sleep Train a Baby?—Don’t!

There’s no question about it--babies need to be physically with caregivers. Here are a series of questions I received recently about babies and sleep training from a set of parents

Earth Home Economics: Rebecca Adamson and “Enoughness"

"If you don’t change directions, you’re going to end up where you’re headed.” The words Rebecca Adamson's mother told her as a child find new meaning in a globalized world.

Staying in Touch With Real Babies: Correcting the AAP

The AAP's recommendations for infant sleep deal a major blow to the parent-infant dyad. One mom shows how sleep training violates the most sacred of bonds.

A Good Life: Embodied, Earth-Centric or Controlled, Detached

David Abram, Spell of the Sensuous, challenges assumptions about history, earth living and the good life.

New Book, Unlatched, Explores Whether Breastfeeding Is Vital

There are competing views about breastfeeding, pro and con. Is the con winning? If so, why? In Unlatched, Jennifer Grayson helps readers understand the history and the controversy.

Trump, Stress Reactivity, Trance, and Ethics

Donald Trump paints pervasive threat, triggering the brain’s survival systems and attracting submission to his vision of dominance.

Changing the Human Psyche for Living Sustainably

Human psychology has moved away from beliefs that promote sustainable living. Thomas Berry identified misunderstandings that have led to the ecological crisis we face.

Why Hug?

Cuddling with mom. Wrestling with dad. Hugging family members. Loving and playful touch contribute to well-being.

Why Babies Need Dads Too

The brain is shaped by early experience, specifically, the mothering (nurturing responsive care) we receive from mothers and fathers.

Flawed Sleep-Training Study Makes Invalid Claims-in the News

A flagrantly flawed Australian study of infant sleep training recently made national news, misinforming pediatricians and parents who look to authorities for guidance.

Living Virtuously-- With the Land

I’ve come to realize what we all know in our heart of hearts--- that we really don’t live virtuously unless we attend well to our relationships with the other-than-humans.

Are You Superstitious? Yes!

Not me, you say? Ha! You are embedded in a culture built on superstition.

In Celebration of Mothering

Mothering is essential for babies. In fact, we know now more than ever that the child’s body and brain are "the result of mothering and being mothered.”

Why see Michael Moore’s New Movie “Where...Next?"

How do USA citizens put up with so little? The amount of energy needed to get through life is astounding. Michael Moore opens viewers’ eyes to alternatives around the world.

Evil Babies and Parenting (Alice Miller’s Insights)

Alice Miller says that culture is a barrier to nurturing children because of deeply held notions about children within Western culture-- views contrary to human development.

How to Stop Disrespecting Your Children

Over decades, psychotherapist Alice Miller published details about child abuse. How do parents become self-aware (of what seems normal to them) and stop mistreating their children?

Adult Justification of Child Humiliation and Mistreatment

Ignoring feelings and needs, derision, contempt: Should parents be excused if they treat their children this way? Psychotherapist Alice Miller used to think so, but changed.

Why Are Humans Destroying Themselves and the Planet?

We now know why humans have become the crazy animals on the planet. And we know what should be done.

How Many Worldviews Are There? Is Only One Sustainable?

Are there two worldviews or multiple? Is one better? David Abram and Four Arrows wrestle with these questions poetically and substantively.

To Doubters of The Importance of Breastfeeding

Is it unfair to women to point out that babies need breast milk?

Why You Should Cuddle Your Kids: Adult Health and Morality

Did you receive affection, play freely and feel supported in childhood?

Avoid Stressful Sleep Training and Get the Sleep You Need

Should you condition your baby not to cry or use clever nudges that keep baby secure? There is a way!