How to Get on the Path to Self Actualization

Maslow had advice for those who wanted to become self-actualizers. In his book The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, he gave eight suggestions.

The Power of Social Habitats

Aristotle was right—our social habitats shape who we are.

Self-Actualization: Are You on the Path?

What are the characteristics of a self-actualizing person? How do they match up with those from our evolutionary context?

Stories of Connection to Heal the Primal Wound

Our primal wounds can be healed by the stories we open ourselves to.

Stories That Heal Primal Wounds

Primally wounded people often feel betrayed by their selves, their bodies, their weaknesses. Stories can jar us loose when we get mired in these traps.

Why Early Experience Matters: Famous Scholars Know

We know what humans need in early life to develop well, and the effects of early experience are no longer a mystery.

Tales of the Primally Wounded

Our ancestors pulled together with stories of cooperation told by the community's storytellers. Today we are pulled apart by fear-promoting stories. Here are some of those stories.

Fantasyland: A Nation of Primally Wounded People

Are you concerned about a post-truth world? Kurt Andersen’s new book, Fantasyland, gives the history of America's attraction to fantasy. Primal woundedness helps explain it.

How to Heal the Primal Wound

To protect ourselves from feeling the primal wound, we create a false world and a false self.

Your Primal Wound: What Happened in Childhood?

Psychosynthesis considers a human life to move toward self-realization but many get detoured by their primal woundedness. How does that happen?

The Primal Wound: Do You Have One?

Is suffering a necessary part of the human condition? To anticipate doom, fear intimacy, or carry a sense of falseness and meaninglessness? No, say the psychosynthesists.

How to Be Happy

What is a happy self? In ancient times, happiness meant fulfilling your nature—both your human nature and your uniqueness as a member of the community. Times have changed.

Humans Defeat Nature—As Prescribed. Now What?

Sigmund Freud encouraged aggression against Nature, along with other Western scholars. We’ve now reached “biological annihilation” of species all over the earth. Are you happy?

Baby Care: 3 Rs for Raising A Happy Child

Depression is epidemic and even touches babies. How do early life's 3 Rs: recognition, resonance, and respect, mitigate against depression--for all of us?

Baby Care: Baselines for Mental Health

For most babies, early experiences are undermining their short- and long-term mental (and physical) health.

Baselines for Babies

Authoritative (not authoritarian) parenting might be good for children, but it's bad for babies.

Morality: Seeds Must Be Planted Rightly in Early Life

It’s easy to believe that reasoning is the most important aspect of morality. But it isn't. Morality "goes all the way down" to how well our neurobiological systems work.

Why Not Circumcise Your Boy? Risk for Autism

New research raises new questions.

What Adults Did to Me at Birth: A Baby’s Point of View

You civilized people don't know what you are doing to babies. Here's my story.

Raising Children With Love or Dynamite?

Every animal has a nest that optimizes the development of the young. Humans have an intensive nest and without it they miss their potential and can become vicious. Welcome to now.

Is Humanity's "Moral Sense" Inherited or Nurtured?

Humans inherit many things from their ancestors beyond genes. Darwin argued with evidence that humanity's "moral sense" is part of their nature, not against it. Where did it go?

Why Worry About Undercared for Males? Messed up Morals!

“Boys will be boys” is passed between adults when they throw up their hands and give up on socializing males. It turns out that male misconduct is a sign of undercare in babyhood.

Be Worried About Boys, Especially Baby Boys

Parental toughness toward babies is celebrated as “not spoiling the baby” and not making boys into "sissies." A review of neurobiological research shows these are fallacies.

Facing Threat with Integrity

Larry Colburn, who just died, helped stop the My Lai massacre in 1968. We can learn two lessons from him.

Sleep Train a Baby?—Don’t!

There’s no question about it--babies need to be physically with caregivers. Here are a series of questions I received recently about babies and sleep training from a set of parents

Earth Home Economics: Rebecca Adamson and “Enoughness"

"If you don’t change directions, you’re going to end up where you’re headed.” The words Rebecca Adamson's mother told her as a child find new meaning in a globalized world.

Staying in Touch With Real Babies: Correcting the AAP

The AAP's recommendations for infant sleep deal a major blow to the parent-infant dyad. One mom shows how sleep training violates the most sacred of bonds.

A Good Life: Embodied, Earth-Centric or Controlled, Detached

David Abram, Spell of the Sensuous, challenges assumptions about history, earth living and the good life.

New Book, Unlatched, Explores Whether Breastfeeding Is Vital

There are competing views about breastfeeding, pro and con. Is the con winning? If so, why? In Unlatched, Jennifer Grayson helps readers understand the history and the controversy.

Trump, Stress Reactivity, Trance, and Ethics

Donald Trump paints pervasive threat, triggering the brain’s survival systems and attracting submission to his vision of dominance.