You Are Going to Fall in Love With This Person — Really?

Will you fall in love with your total opposite? Are cult members dumb, gullible sheep? Answers to these questions and eight other surprises from psychological science.

Seeking Self-Improvement? Start With IQ... By Ditching It

Many established IQ tests are valid, reputable, and trustworthy, but use caution with free internet tests. Either way, how much should you let a single number affect your life?

Do Not Put This Costume on Your Cute Puppy Dog

What is wrong with dressing your dog up for Halloween? Absolutely nothing. But buying your dog an imitation service dog vest is not good—and it is more common than you think.

5 Signs Your Co-worker Is a Psychopath

How many psychopaths are reading this next to you right now? Rates are very high in prison, but if you work in an office you may see one or more of these signs in a co-worker.

4 Truths about Male Pedicures (That Women Already Know)

Why would a man ever get a pedicure? That’s what I always thought until I tried it. Here some things I learned.

8 Great Books on the Evolved Psychology of Sex and Passion

Every intensely emotional thing you do is inked to an adaptive problem and solution. These books will open doors.

Upscale “Shop ‘til You Drop” is for Poor Extraverts

Why do low-income extraverts spend more on "high status" luxury goods compared to low-income introverts? New research shows how status-shopping interacts with personality.

Four Big Psychological Catastrophes We All Want to Avoid

Many residents along the Texas coast will be facing a long road to psychological recovery. Here are four types of loss to watch out for in the aftermath of disasters.

The Power of Total Isolation: Why We Hate Being Alone

The pain of extreme isolation results from a conflict between evolved social mechanisms and impersonal modern environments containing built structures that cut us off from others.

Short-term Sexual Flings and the Narcissistic Personality

Do narcissists all over the world go after short-term sexual relationships? Cross-cultural research reveals universal links between narcissism and sex without commitment.

Rage Rooms Not a Good Idea

You may think you are expressing anger in a safe and constructive way when you punch a pillow, stomp on a doll, or enter a rage room, but research suggests otherwise.

Why Do Some Men Get Premature Championship Tattoos?

Why do some men get premature championship tattoos? Here are four reasons why you might go for some skin art that predicts a successful season for your favorite team.

Welcome to the Madness and Mystery of Surprise Egg Videos

Children are obsessed with the online sub-culture of surprise egg videos and the micro-universe inhabited by family finger people.

You Might be Gloomy Right Now Because of Where You Are

Did you know that your psychological profile is connected to physical location? The geographic spots we live, work, and play in are expressions of our personalities.

The Odd Psychology of Goosebumps

Do you get goosebumps when listening to music or watching movies? It could be your personality.

The Social Contagion of Psycho Clowns

Should you be taking "clown craze 2016" seriously? Social panic sets in as clowns run wild. Real or imagined?

Why Do British Accents Sound Intelligent to Americans?

My American baby is speaking British! Is it still acceptable to discriminate based on accent?

Life Is Too Short to Wear Bad Lipstick

Economy got you down? Try some new lipstick - it's good for two reasons.

Do You Tip Here? The Power of Compliance and Acceptance

Is tipping just an insincere act of outward conformity? Or is it a behavior performed by millions every day because of their own deeply held values of right and wrong?

6 Reasons We Keep Playing the Lottery

Why do we keep playing when we know we shouldn't? The very long odds of winning the lottery don't seem to keep people from spending money.

How Do Powerful People Stay on Top?

Three secrets to effective leadership. Lincoln did it. Why not you?

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6 Important Evolutionary Psychology Books

Let's talk about sex...and emotions, politics, culture, cooperation, genes, and the psychological design of the human mind. Modern evolutionary psychology tackles all of it.

This Is Your Brain at 100%

Is your brain operating at only 10% capacity? Here is why the answer is a lot like Bigfoot.

Prisoner 819 did a bad thing…Prisoner 819 did a bad thing…

What happens when you lock a group of college males in the basement for a two-week experiment? Find out this week on DVD.

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Here's what might happen after your Thanksgiving meal this year.