The Price of Genius: Robin Williams

The highs of genius, the threats of madness

The Evolutionary Psychology of an Everlasting Dream

Our “dream may already be true! It is just waiting for us to come true.”
Can an Environmental Computer Game Save the Planet?

Can an Environmental Computer Game Save the Planet?

Must the next great novel be a multimedia, group-authored computer game?

The Art of the Internet Novel

Can multimedia do what reading once did?

Dr. Fido Will See You Now!

For a combat veteran with PTSD a therapy dog can be more than just a best friend!

Hanging Out in Nature and in Cyberspace

Technobiophilia is a benign psychological state

Can Good Literature be Gamified?

Can a group-authored novel-as-a-game ever be good literature?

Left-Handed, Leo, Mama’s Boys Make Good Presidents

Mama’s Boys are forever speaking to the archetypical mother in their minds.

Sex, Magic, and Astrology

Sometimes what you feel is as important as what you know.

Should We Sometimes Pray to Our Mother in Heaven?

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

Writing Your Way to a Healthier Mind and Body

Writing can be the ultimate mind-body medicine.

“Doctor Bello” and the Re-branding of Africa

We Americans of all races will never know who we really are until we correct the vision of Africa in the American mind.

The State of the Union is being Transformed

The whole world speculating, pontificating, studying, debating, deciding, and acting on what a black man or, eventually, what a woman thinks is truly transformational.

Obama’s 2nd Term: Expanding the Liberal Imagination

The predominant liberal, conservative and African American narratives keep African Americans at the bottom of the Drama Triangle.

Hollywood Can Change the World

African American organizations receive a lot of donations from liberals in Hollywood. The most generous donations would be more stories about how wonderful it is to be African American.

Successful Communication with Minorities and Women

One of the beautiful things about America is the racial/cultural differences of its people! And gender differences are more beautiful than that!

Tarantino’s Django

Some people tend to devalue qualities they find in others that are missing in themselves.

Saying You’re Black Doesn’t Make it So!

The Hollywood feud between Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino is more than skin deep.

American Culture and Magical Thinking

In the new century “American exceptionalism” must be based on the truth that it is different from other countries because it has become a composite of other countries.

Race Matters but then Again it Doesn’t

Americans need not worry about the vast shifts in the racial composition of the new world order. We’ve got all the bases (or races) covered.

The Science of Magical Thinking

By magical thinking I mean the kind of thinking that uses both empirical and non-empirical sources to achieve extraordinary results.

The 2012 Election and the Super-Conscious Mind

Hard factual data is not the only thing that should be valued as useful knowledge

Obama ‘R Us, Politics and the Super-conscious Mind

The 2012 American Presidential election is pivotal in deciding how our nation balances what is good about materialistic individualism with what is good about spiritual connectedness.

Two Nigerian Films and the Super-conscious Mind

”Doctor Bello” and “Black November” test our faith that primal innocence can or should survive.

“Good Church” and the Super-Conscious Mind

We need to spend as much time studying the superconscious mind as we have spent studying the subconscious mind.

“Good Sex” and the Super-Conscious Mind

Perhaps we have been timid in asserting that there is a relationship between romantic or sexual love and higher consciousness.

Romantic Love and the Super-Conscious Mind: Biochemically Connected to God Part 3

Perhaps before the end of this century we will have the science to prove that true love heightens our awareness of the Kingdom of God in someone we love.

Biochemically Connected to God; Part 2: Meditation and the Super-Conscious Mind

Bean sprouts, tofu, and Chakras are becoming as American as apple pie; and, in my case, as American as ham hocks and collard greens.

Romney and Race

One of the biggest causes of hostility is the rigid application of our group's criteria of judgment to everyone else’s way of living.

Human Diversity and “American Exceptionalism”

The melting pot concept of racial and ethic diversity has much to recommend it, but so also does the salad bowl concept.