The whole world speculating, pontificating, studying, debating, deciding, and acting on what a black man or, eventually, what a woman thinks is truly transformational.

I strongly disagree with the many pundits who claim that President Obama has yet to prove that he is a transformational president. By getting elected he has transformed the culture of the nation and the world on a deep level.

By just having millions of people, who operate all sectors of the modern world, speculating, pontificating, studying, debating, deciding, and acting on what a non-white man thinks is transforming our consciousness. The world as we knew it is not the world as we subconsciously know it.

There is a saying among black folk that you have to be twice as good to be seen as just as good. In his second term, Obama will have a chance to double the transformational impact and then maybe pundits, columnist, commentators and historians will see him as transformational on the surface level too.  He certainly has made a phenomenal start.

The enemies of transformation already see him as transformational. Why else are they so up in arms? Besides shifting the representation of power racially, Obama has already started:

  • The total transformation of the nation’s healthcare system
  • The transformation of the war mentality to an international policing mentality
  • Significantly shifted the nation’s dependence on the big war-maker—oil

Healthcare, national defense, energy—what bigger transformations could there be in one administration.  But incidentally Obama has also:

  • Returned  the center of the auto industry from Asia to the United States
  • Saved the banking system of the world; and saved all of us from a depression
  • Presided over a huge shift in attitudes towards gay and lesbian citizens
  • Reversed America’s image as an international bully
  • Held at bay massive assaults on the rights of women
  • Stopped the rightward march of the Supreme Court by appointing two women, one of them Latino
  • Secured out southern border while making substantial improvements in the lives of millions of undocumented immigrants

With half of the Congress aligned to one objective—with open belligerence making sure he accomplished nothing—he has “gotten more done in three years than any president in decades. Too bad the American public still thinks he hasn’t accomplished anything,” said Paul Glastris prefacing Washington Monthly’s list of the President’s top accomplishments in his first three years. The Internet abounds with other lists of Obama’s accomplishments.

Last November’s election provided the most recent big occasion for updating the lists. While Clint Eastwood was dramatizing a do-nothing Presidency by speaking to an empty chair on stage at the Republican National Convention, Harlan Green, Editor and Publisher of, was asking: “Why so many doubters of the President Obama's record? . . . President Obama has one of the most history-making legislative records since FDR.”

Why? In a post-racial country we cannot say that racism is the reason there are so many doubters. So many people, who do not think of themselves as racist at all, who, in fact, can point to much proof that they are not, simply cannot see what Obama has done. As Muhammad Ali said, "your eyes can't see what your mind won't let you see."

We often say glibly that “perception is reality” but often our perceptions obscure reality, which moves along above and below the level of our perception. For example, at the beginning of his second term Obama advanced another huge transformation that only those who think holistically can see.

By appearing on “60 Minutes” in what The Daily Beast called a “Lovefest” with Hillary Clinton, President Obama seemed to be engaged in transformational thinking. In such thinking you don’t plan or get locked into working towards one predetermined outcome. This is the kind of peace-with-all-outcomes thinking I spoke about in The Science of Magical Thinking.

But of the “60 Minutes” appearence, Evan Cosby said in commenting on my previous post:

“They (Barack and Hillary) were mind dancing. Barack’s step was stiffer. Hillary was looser. She has been mind dancing in Africa. A good liberal might say: “Where’s your data on that”? Here is a non-researchable truth. Women are generally more open to magical thinking once they have freed themselves. Hillary seemed free.

To finish this non-researchable truth: Hillary has gotten into the magical flow of transpersonal energy. It is a spiritual flow where direct cause and direct effect does not hold sway, but if spirit would have it, and she is elected President in 2016, having millions of people who operate in every sector of the modern world, speculating, pontificating, studying, debating, deciding, and acting on what a woman thinks is transformational.

George Davis is author of the new spiritual spy novel, The Melting Points, about three women pursued by danger as the clockwork universe melts around them. In development is a television series based on his soon-to-be-published nonfiction novel, Branches, which continues the spiritual journey that Alex Haley dramatized in “Roots.”  It continues the journey of America towards becoming an exceptional, multiracial nation.

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George Davis

George Davis is professor emeritus at Rutgers University. His latest book is Until We Got Here.

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