Camp it Up!

Summer camps for children of gay or lesbian parents, as well as family camps for gay/lesbian parents and their kids, give our children an opportunity to enjoy majority—not minority—status.

Do Their Friends Know?

We often fear the prospect of our children coming-out as having a gay or lesbian parent. But there's a very real upside to the event—for our kids and for others.

Gender Bender

Few gay or lesbian parents conform to society's notion of what it means to be a proper dad or mom. Our kids can learn through our example how to resist gender role pressures as they find their own truest self-expression.

What, No Mother???

The default cultural belief is that children require a mother for healthy psychological development. What's a single gay father, or gay male couple, to do when encountering this notion? And how might this belief be operating in the gay father's own belief system, perhaps outside their awareness?

Homophobia Unwrapped

When we suspect homophobia at play in our children's lives, we're wise to share our suspicion with our kids rather than side-stepping an uncomfortable reality. It's part of empowering the children to face the world as it is, with all its blemishes.

Back To School

Gay and lesbian parenting isn't always on teachers' radar. It's up to us to make teachers aware by introducing ourselves at the start of the year.

They Can Handle It

Shielding the kids from stories about your encounters with homophobia — inside the extended family and out — hurts them more than it helps them.

Travel Essentials

Vulnerable to legal discrimination when traveling, same-sex couples ought to consider protecting themselves when away from home.

Move Over Hallmark

Help the teacher prevent Mother's Day mishaps

News of the Day

Should lesbian and gay parents shield the kids from harsh reality?

Reasons to Celebrate

The offspring of gay and lesbian parents aren't just like other children—and that's a reason to celebrate!