Untangling Myths About Human Trafficking

With human trafficking being known as 'modern day slavery,' it's imperative that we shatter the commonly-held myths about this criminal act to help better identify and stop it.

Trauma-Informed Care and Why It Matters

Individuals’ coping reactions to trauma remain poorly understood, even by many of the people who are in the best positions to offer support and treatment to victims.

Pimp Culture Glorification and Sex Trafficking

What may seem like a harmless portrayal of pimp culture has detrimental impacts on sex trafficking and other forms of sexual violence.

The Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking

What you probably didn't know about Super Bowl Sunday and its connection to sex trafficking.

Efforts to Reach Human Trafficking Victims are Falling Short

Working with victims of domestic violence does not translate into adequate training to handle human trafficking cases. We must come up with a separate approach for these victims.

How U.S. Citizens Become Human Trafficking Victims

Many human trafficking victims are not physically held against their will, and some are even allowed to have cell phones and free time. So why don't they escape?

Psychological Tactics Used by Human Traffickers

Psychological manipulation tactics are critical to traffickers’ success, and coercion, manipulation and psychological abuse are often more powerful weapons than physical violence.