Generation Bullied 2.0 Book Review

An interview and book review for Generation Bullied 2.0, an excellent new resource for teachers, administrators and education professionals.

What Would Have Happened to Me If You Didn't Adopt Me?

A 9-year-old adoptee asks her adoptive mother tough questions about what would might have happened to her.

10 Ways to Help Kids Feel Secure After the Boston Bombings

Responding to a third-grader's fears after the Boston Marathon bombings. 10 strategies to help kids maintain an internal sense of security.

Why The Boobs Song at the Oscars Missed the Mark

A breakdown of why the "We Saw Your Boobs Song" at the Oscars was sexist and harmful.

Making The Decision to Adopt After Losing A Baby

A young mother works through her grief at losing her baby and makes the decision to adopt.

Newtown Shootings: Managing Our Own Grief

How to remain present and hopeful with young children while acknowledging and processing the grief and shock of the Newtown school massacre.

Trial By Internet: How To Reject Summary Judgment by Others

An expert on bullying uses a personal experience with cyberbullying to test out her own advice, and it brings quick relief!

Katie's Custody Day: Adoption At Last

A mom celebrates custody and adoption of her daughter after a long, painful journey.

Halloween and the Adopted Child

An adopted child chooses Halloween costumes based on her search for identity.

I Had No One to Play With At Recess

A second-grader complains of having no one to eat lunch with and no one to play with at recess. Here are suggestions on how to help without making the child feel victimized by peers.

Musings of an Adoptive Mother on Her Daughter's Ninth Birthday

An adoptive mom muses about the the path that led her to a particular baby, the child who belongs in their family.

Please Don't Call Me "Piggy," It Hurts My Feelings

A second-grade girl is being called "Piggy" and asks for help to stop the taunts.