"Go Back to Your F!%#* Country!"

You can be a fourth-generation Asian-American fully assimilated to this country but all of it can be dismissed with one dismissive comment. This happened to Michael Luo...

The Problem With "Sex Positive"

"Sex positive" is a popular term among certain therapists who believe there's nothing wrong with pornography. Yet if you listen to young people today, they'll tell you otherwise

White Sexual Imperialism

The sexual conquest of an Asian woman is the confluence of racism, sexism, and imperialism. Learn how current misogynistic attitudes towards Asian woman coincided with imperialism

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand during the national anthem and his decision is being viewed as unpatriotic. While controversial, I believe this is a litmus test for us...

What White Fragility Looks Like

You may have heard of the term "white fragility" without much context or understanding of how a Caucasian becomes defensive when he/she is challenged. Enter Jennifer Murphy...

#What Lives Matter?

By now you've seen the war of words between #Black Lives Matter and #All Lives Matter. So what's wrong with saying, "All lives matter"?

Sleeping While Black

If you're black, you're more likely to get your request rejected by a potential host on Airbnb because of your race. A Harvard study found widespread discrimination against blacks

I Can't Eat Steak Anymore

If you're a white, male, athlete attending a prestigious university you will get preferential treatment even if you sexually assault a woman.

Slanted Eyes

"At a school where Asian Americans were allegedly labelled 'too smart' and mocked for their 'slanted eyes,' Emilie seemed to feel alienated."

It's Not Fair

Sexually-addicted clients often will say, "It's not fair!" when comparing the boundaries they impose on themselves to keep themselves sexually sober. But once this occurs...

Struggling With Sex

How can a 30-year-old man have erectile dysfunction? How much of this is related to his compulsive masturbation to pornography?

Anti-Asian Sentiment Taking College Campuses by Storm

In nearly 2 decades the number of foreign exchange students on U.S. college campuses has gone up 1000% from 100,000 students to close to 1 million students. Racism is also up.


Why is the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees relegated to a binary Black/White issue? The lack of diversity concern lacked diversity, the exception being a racist Asian joke

Beyoncé Backlash

Can Beyonce's performance during the Super Bowl and her video simply be a pro-Black position or does pro-Black insinuate anti-white?

"I Don't See Color"

When people say they're "color-blind" to race it is usually coming from a good place. But, mainstream America doesn't recognize what that message says to ethnic minorities.

"I Wish I Was White"

"I wish I was white" is a phrase I hear as a psychotherapist and diversity speaker when I address issues of race and culture. White audience members hearing this quickly realize..

The Rich Chinese

Are you aware of China's prosperity and the impact it could be having on your psyche?

Financial Fighting

What better time to talk about financial issues than on Valentine's Day weekend especially if your wife makes more than you? For scores of men this is their reality.

Writing for Addiction Recovery

If you're an addict & want to gain greater insight into your behaviors, triggers, and overall addictive tendencies, what do you do? Research shows journaling can aid in recovery.

Once an Addict, Always an Addict

Do you agree with the phrase, "Once an addict, always an addict"? Why or why not? This view of addiction may seem pessimistic in terms of recovery & clarification is needed here.

Cam, Class, and Color

Have you wondered why Cam Newton is getting so much vitriol and attention as he will soon make his first Superbowl appearance? Well some believe it's because he's Black....

Simple Steps to Sex Addiction Recovery

What do you do if you're not ready for therapy but need "action steps" to help you with sex addiction recovery? These simple steps can get you down the right track...

The Everyday Clinician's Guide to Sex Addiction

If you're a therapist with no formal training in sex addiction, then this guide is tailored for you. The information provided is hands-on, practical tools you can use with clients

Real Men Cry

Society sends mixed messages to men saying they want to be more connected to their emotions yet they are dismissed and shamed for crying.

Slanted Eyes

“Chink!” “Where are you from?” “Do you eat dog?” “Why don’t you go back to where you came from?!” “You speak such good English!" This is part of the Asian-American experience.


Has the church abdicated its sacred role and responsibility to bring wholeness and healing to the realm of the private psychotherapist? It certainly looks that way.

Yellow on the Outside

Why do Asians get straight A's and strive to become doctors and lawyers? Why do Asians really play the piano? Korean-American author Anson Chi shares how Asian Shame plays a role.

Losing my Erection

Part of sexual addiction recovery for men is going to feel like they're "losing their erections". Part of it is allowing the body to reset to a healthier sexual baseline.

Masturbation or "Master"-bation

Clients in recovery from sex addiction invariably ask about masturbation. What is healthy or unhealthy? It can be very confusing, shaming, especially within Christian circles.

Sex Positive vs. Sex Negative

In therapeutic circles you might hear a therapist tell you they are "sex positive" as way to indicate their stance on treating issues related to sex. But what does this mean when it comes to issues related to clients with sexually compulsive behaviors? Are sex addiction therapists just prudish people against sexual fetishes and other behaviors?