The Best Reason to Get a Good Night's Sleep

In a recent study, getting an extra hour of sleep increased women’s likelihood of having sex with a partner the next day by 14 percent.

4 Exercise Tips for People Who Hate to Exercise

Hate exercise? You can learn to enjoy it more with these simple but effective strategies.

Study Discovers Who Can Protect You From Colds and Flu

Frequent hugs may help you stay healthier this cold and flu season.

How Mindfulness at Work Improves Your Sleep

Mindfulness at work may improve your sleep many hours later. But how? One key is your ability to detach from work at home.

Why We Can't Stop Scratching an Itch

Ever noticed that the more you scratch an itch, the more aggravating it gets? Now scientists think they know why.

Five Healthy, Science-y Reasons to Go Apple Picking

As psychotherapies go, it’s hard to beat an hour of apple picking. It’s a fun form of outdoor exercise that the whole family can enjoy, and the apples are packed with health-promoting fiber and phytochemicals.

Family-Style Meals Are Good for Grown-Ups, Too

Home-cooked, family-style meals promote healthier eating for adults.

How Admiring the Sunset Changes You for the Better

The psychological effects of admiring a glorious sunset may persist long after the color has faded.

Three Ways to Make Your Desk Job Less Sedentary

Standing desks, treadmill desks and walking meetings are trendy strategies for making desk jobs healthier. How well do they really work?

Step Outdoors to Think Outside the Box

Looking for an innovative solution to a problem? Try brainstorming outdoors.

Dog Walking Has Psychological Benefits for You

Get the leash! Walking a dog may help you boost exercise motivation, manage stress and build a sense of community.

What Sitting Does to Your Psyche

Sitting for hours isn’t just bad for your waistline and physical health. It also undermines your emotional well-being.

Virtual Brain May Lead to Real-World Progress in Alzheimer's

A sophisticated virtual brain may help scientists find treatments for real-world brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

The Sparkling Silver Lining to a Long Cold Winter

Nature has the power to attract and inspire us, even when it’s treacherous and icy. The Apostle Islands ice caves are a stunning case in point.

Chronic Sinus Problems Are Linked to Depression

One-fourth of people with chronic sinus problems are depressed. Here's how your sinus health and your mental health are connected.

Daily Weighing May Help Manage Your Weight

Conventional wisdom says to weigh yourself once a week, if you’re trying to lose weight. Yet weighing every day may work better, based on new research.

Putting Your Mind to Yoga

Striking a warrior pose may help combat mental fatigue, stress, depression, and even schizophrenia.

Cranberries Are a Smart Choice for Your Brain

Eating cranberries is good for the health of your brain. Here's the scoop on how they may help ward off Alzheimer's disease or reduce the brain damage after a stroke.

Sniffling and Driving: A Dangerous Mix

Having a cold may make you a menace behind the wheel.

Healthy Habits that Boost School Performance

From pre-kindergarteners to undergrads, students with healthy habits are more likely to ace their tests. Here’s a primer on the latest research findings.

Helping Kids Connect With Nature

Children are more active and less stressed in a natural environment. But how can you get them out the door?

Thinking About Thinking When You Have MS

If you have multiple sclerosis, your doctor may rely on you to mention any cognitive symptoms you’re having. Yet it’s not always easy to think accurately about how well you’re thinking.

How Background TV Undermines Well-Being

In many homes, a television playing in the background is the soundtrack for everyday life. This habit could have unintended consequences for cognitive and social well-being.

Mindfulness Can Help Quell Chocolate Cravings

Mmmmm, chocolate. Luscious, crave-worthy, calorie-laden chocolate is hard to resist, but new research suggests that mindfulness may help.

Meditation Can Make You Calmer, Kinder, Smarter

Four new studies demonstrate how the regular practice of meditation can help you become your best self.

Nine Ways to Relieve Stress by Gardening

Gardening is a popular hobby that doubles as an outstanding stress reliever. Three experts share their tips for cultivating relaxation along with your tulips or tomatoes.

Born to Be Junk Food Junkies

Pregnant moms who load up on cookies and chips may have children whose brains are prewired for junk food addiction.

Had a Heart Attack? Go Ahead and Blame Stress

Cardiac rehab patients who believe their heart attack was caused by stress tend to recover faster. Psychological researcher Kymberley Bennett, PhD, explains why.

Handwashing Myth Has Environmental Costs

Seemingly harmless - but scientifically unfounded - beliefs about handwashing may play a role in global climate change. Here's how.

Foods That Soothe You to Sleep

“You are what you eat” is as true when you turn in at night as it is the rest of the day. The foods you choose may improve sleep quality and help prevent insomnia.