Aging and Male Sexual Desire IV: Mindfulness: Secret Elixir

Cultivating Mindfulness is the best antidote we have to cope with the changes caused by inevitable aging in sexuality. Our minds and how we pay attention and the loving presence we bring to the sexual union is what truly matters in enlightened sex.

Aging and Male Sexual Desire III: Life-Style Issues

Taking good care of your body and avoiding illness secondary to poor life-style or stress helps maintains sexual health. Healthy desire is also a result of "secure attachment" you create with your significant other.

Aging and Male Sexual Desire II: Physical Factors

Good news: men are living longer and being sexually active well into their 7th decade. Bad news: life-style and general quality of health (heart health, obesity, hypertension, diabetes,etc) will dramatically affect sexual functioning.

Aging and Male Sexual Desire Part I: The Journey Ahead

You can stay sexually active well into middle age. Understand the factors that affect male sexual health.

Internet Sex Addiction: Case Studies and Treatment

The expanding role of the Internet in everyday life has an interesting side-effect—an increase in cyber-sex addiction.

Six Tips For Great Sex

Intimacy takes practice and skill, and mindful practice makes for great sex.