My Psychiatrist is a Robot!

Will therapy chatbots ever supplant flesh and blood psychiatrists?

Psychiatric Disorders in Maine's Medicinal Cannabis Law

Dr. Jeremy Spiegel testifies at the Maine State House for the inclusion of psychiatric disorders in Maine's existing Medical Marijuana Law.

Medical Marijuana for Psychiatric Disorders

Marijuana as a treatment has not been considered by may doctors due to political factors. Which, ridiculous as it sounds, is like a scientist shunning a particular chemical system in the body for reasons that have nothing to do with science.

Slamming the Refrigerator Door on Emotional Eating

Why do we reach for food as a knee-jerk response to stress?

Hanging Up on Cell Phone Addiction

Do you spend the lion's share of your quality time with a small, rectangular electronic device?

Pathology Be Damned!

Yesterday's New York Times featured a personal Op-Ed by Benjamin Nugent, a young man inappropriately diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder. Only years later did it become obvious to him that he was misdiagnosed and that the DSM IV criteria for this high functioning autism spectrum disorder are far too broad and overinclusive to be fair to children like him.

Becoming Art at MoMA

Stronger than any pill, art has the power to transmute personal pain into mastery over the past. This idea became intensely clear when I entered a huge cordoned-off square in the second floor atrium at the Museum of Modern Art to join performance artist Marina Abramović. Together, we became a single, living work of art.

Art Healing

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" they screamed, three voices as one. Mildly startled by this collective shriek reverberating up the stairwell, I was not scared by the noise, followed by laughter, from the lower gallery. Only moments earlier I emitted my own eructation, albeit an octave lower and followed by limbic profanity along the lines of "What the f---?!"

Post-Vacation Blues

Have you ever found yourself regretting, at least playfully, a recent vacation not because of such obvious pitfalls as jet lag and Montezuma's Revenge, but because of the inevitable pain you experience with 're-entry' into your usual life?