Living on Purpose

Without purpose, what’s the point of getting up every day? Life can’t be just about growing-up, getting a job, taking a few vacations, retiring, and dying, can it?

Little Green Lies

Do you spend money without your partner’s knowledge? Couples cannot afford to be financially unfaithful.

What Are You Worth?

Who we become and what we accomplish begins with the belief about who we think we are.

Are You a Workaholic?

Workaholism is one of the few addictions that society values and people are quick to claim.

7 Steps for Getting What You Want

Without a clear vision of what we want to achieve, we will be unable to reach our full potential.

Don’t Always Believe What You Think

Life provides us with an endless supply of opportunities to create meaning.

Common Investor Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them): Part II

When it comes to investing, we are our own worst enemies.

Common Investor Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Beware these investor pitfalls.

When It Comes to Investing, Don’t Be an Animal

When it comes to money, our brains haven't evolved much beyond those of our furry friends.

5 Tips for Loving Life in Tough Economic Times

Times are tough. The recession may be over on Wall Street, but no one has told Main Street.

4 Steps to Cope with Market Madness

Are we on the edge of another financial disaster? Are we about to witness another market crash? Are you starting to feel nervous? 

Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

How much cash do you carry in your wallet or purse?

Rich People Are Greedy

Rich people are greedy and shallow. They get rich by taking advantage of others. They are miserly and selfish.

Do You Have a Money Disorder?

Just about everyone has a complicated relationship with money. Studies show that money is the no. 1 reason for divorce

The Big Lie About Personal Finance

The basics of personal finance are simple. Regardless of how troubled their financial lives, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't already know what they should be doing.

Hitting Your Financial Bottom

Chances are you are stressed about money, and you're not alone.