My Mutual Fund Manager Is an Idiot

How you feel about a losing investment depends on who you can blame. Regret is strong when there is no one to blame but yourself. Cognitive dissonance plays a role too. Whether you need to avoid regret then drives what you do with the investment: buy, sell, or hold.

Is a Company Name Important to Investors?

A rose by any other name is not so sweet to investors. Investors like fluency in the name of their stocks and mutual funds. Fluently named stocks are valued higher and have broader ownership.

Bad Investment Decisions?

What is the major source of your investment mistakes; socioeconomic characteristics, genetics, environment, or personal experience?

The Psychology of Ebola Panic

The chances of catching and dying of Ebola in the U.S. are minuscule. Far less than dying from lightning or a ladder. Yet some people are feeling anxious and a few may even panic over Ebola. I describe why Ebola seems scarier than your bath tub.

We are Retiring in Droves

10,000 baby boomers are retiring per day. The social insurance programs already have a deficit. Can the bond markets absorb the trillions of dollars of new debt to fund these programs over the next two decades and beyond? How will it impact interest rates and our economy?

Signal of Stock Market Apocalypse?

Is Rupert Murdoch’s bid of $80 billion to buy Time Warner a signal of the fourth horseman in a stock market apocalypse?

US Soccer Sentiment Not Quite There (in the Stock Market)

Soccer sentiment in many countries is so strong it impacts their stock market. Get eliminated from the World Cup, see a decline in the stock market the next day. Has US soccer sentiment risen to that level?

What Type of Investor Are You?

Your investor type describes the behavioral sources of your errors, your investment characteristics, and ultimately your overall success.

Taxes – What We Want

 Meir tells fascinating tales of the trials and tribulations that people do in order to avoid or even evade paying taxes...including planning the timing of their own death!

Our Debt! What has government borrowed on your behalf?

 What does a trillion dollars really mean to you? How much are the debt and unfunded liabilities of all levels of government? What is your portion?

The Treasury Bubble

After witnessing the tech stock bubble and the real estate bubble, what is next? It is the US Treasury security market bubble. When will it burst and skyrocket interest rates?

The Next Wave of Layoffs: Public Employees

The layoffs in the public sector are about to impact the unemployment figures. July is likely to be a bad month for state and local workers.

Inflation or Deflation?

 The news is full of economists concerned about either upcoming inflation or the current deflation. So which is right?

Tax the Rich

Can the rich really pay for all this government spending. Numbers from the IRS and Congressional Budget Office explore the possibility.

Psychology and Taxes on Capital

 President Obama's proposed budget includes an increase in taxes on capital. That won't be very useful in generating tax revenue in the short-run. But it will also make fixing the broken economy even harder.