Seasonal Affective Disorder

The fairer time of the year has passed and winter is upon us. With that come the many individuals who will experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Training Our Vets to Treat Our Vets

Veterans are not damaged goods but rather individuals with a capacity to become exceptional healers

Some Thoughts on National Coming Out Day

The goal of National Coming Out Day is to promote a world in which it is safe for LGBT people to be open and honest about their identities.

The Importance of Cultural Immersion Programs

Cultural immersion programs are important experiences for mental health professionals in training because they provide students an expanded perspective of global mental health.

Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids Return to School

What parents should be thinking about as their kids return to school

How to Talk to a Vet

So many veterans feel distance and alienation from their civilian compatriots because they conclude that we really don’t want to know or can’t understand how they feel.

Reflections on LGBTQ Rights

One highly alarming consequence of the marginalization of LGBTQ individuals is vulnerability to human trafficking. How do we stop this?

The Time Is Now to Talk Workforce Development

Harvard University study found only 17 percent of attempts to get an appointment with a mental health counselor were successful.