Coercive Control of Women

"Are we all talking about the same man?" asks a woman in a recovery group for women with controlling partners.

Coercive Control in Intimate Relationships

A culture that generally empowers men more than women can make women more vulnerable to a controlling partner.

Dating and Coercive Control

A thousand women with controlling partners missed their partner's coercive tendencies while dating.

Hidden Mental Health Harm in Intimate Relationships

Coercive control in intimate relationships is entrapping and damaging, yet hard to detect.

Trump and Coercive Persuasion

Trump's win is not a validation of controlling partners. Rather, it's an opportunity to learn from his public behavior about coercive persuasion and psychological manipulation.

You’re Not Crazy⎯He’s (or She's) Controlling!

Psychological abuse incites greater fear and impacts a woman's or man's psyche and sense of wellbeing to the same extent as physical abuse.