Why Love?

Love: the agony and the ecstasy. But mostly the agony.

Are Hungry People More Liberal?

Are you changing your political views by having lunch?

The Awful Green Things From Outer Space and Experimental Design

A board game and a lesson about experimental design.

Should You Consume Sugar to Improve Your Self-Control?

A new study further puts to the test the idea that sugar is "willpower fuel." And finds that it's not.

On the Life-Saving Effects of Marijuana (Laws)

Which reduces traffic fatalities more: seatbelts or marijuana? You might be surprised...

A Polite Exchange Between Author and Editor

The academic publishing process is mysterious. Here's a little behind the scenes look.

Glucose Is Not Willpower Fuel

You won't increase your willpower to resist eating doughnuts by eating doughnuts.

Willpower Is Not a Resource

Is willpower something that gets "used up?" A nice idea, contradicted by the data.

Why Do You Really Oppose Drugs? Part III

Morality, we are often told, is rainbows and butterflies. Does it have a much darker side?

Why Do You Really Oppose Drugs? Part II

If people wanted to ban pot because it’s dangerous, people would be trying to ban swimming. There’s another reason…

Why Do You Really Oppose Recreational Drugs?

What is the 2nd best question you can ask to determine a person’s stand on recreational drugs? The answer might surprise you…

The APA and Its Emotional Tail

The APA thinks whether or not same-sex marriage should be legal is an empirical question. Is it?


Evolutionary boobology...

Stopping Stereotyping and Prejudice

Recent controversy about a post at Psychology Today should make us vigilant about making generalizations about groups, whether racial or scientific.

Excessive Celebration in Football and Politics

Is it morally acceptable to celebrate the death of an enemy? Or is it unsportsmanlike conduct?

Robot Evolution

Is evolutionary robot psychology all that different from evolutionary human psychology? 

Is Your Brain Like an iPhone?

A new book argues that people are smart for the same reason iPhones are: specialized programs, all bundled together...

A Hard Look at Soft Sciences

 Is psychology making progress? Here’s one way to judge…  

Should My Disgust Limit Your Freedom?

Reactions to a case of consenusal incest in the news parallels research in moral psychology.

What Does LEGO Have To Do With Evolutionary Psychology?

 A new device built out of LEGO bricks illustrates a key idea in evolutionary psychology: How you can infer function from form.   

A Mind Designed for Hypocrisy

In this first blog post, I discuss a recent article about plagiarism.