The Merry Moral Prankster

For several years now, students in my Introduction to Ethics class have been unwitting participants in a moral experiment. After some six years the results are in. But I do not know how to interpret the results.

Mind-Reading, Morality, and the Case of the Missing Chocolate

Mind-reading is not magic. It can separate moral beings from moral deviants.

Napoleon Pills and the Rationality of Belief

We think our beliefs extend back to the facts. This is what makes them rational. But if contemporary social psychology has revealed anything, it's that very many of our beliefs (let alone our desires) have very different origins. And this makes a difference in what you ought to believe.

Living by the Bronze Rule

How much would you pay to have someone killed?

The Moral Instinct

Some moral psychologists are now maintaining that children exhibit a moral competence that outstrips the limited (and confusing) moral input from their environment.