Mean Mothers

How many times in your adult life have you breathed a sigh of relief that your middle or high school days are well behind you? I’m learning not to celebrate prematurely, because having school age children throws you right back into the mix, engendering feelings sometimes even more painful than the wretched school-era ones you thought you’d exorcised forever.

Going On

Parenting is a downright humbling experience. As all parents know, even our greatest efforts are often met with indifference, apathy and even downright hostility.

“Do Less” Parenting

When Michael Bloomberg announces a proposed ban on super-sized soft drinks, he’s accused once again of trying to implement a nanny state. Yet can’t anyone see that simply relying on people’s willpower isn’t getting us anywhere?

Looking at "Girls"

Sometimes I wonder whether I have an exaggerated sense of how dysfunctional people’s relationship with food has become. Two recent experiences with younger people have confirmed my sinking feeling that we are really letting food gatecrash its way out of its rightful place in our lives.

Letting Our Kids Slide Alone

This week The New York Times published a story that provides a perfect illustration of the dangers of overprotective, “helicopter” parenting. Growing up in the 1970s and ‘80s, I remember how someone in my class always seemed to have a broken limb.

Why Mindless Eating May Be Healthier Than You Think

While I take issue both with Dara-Lynn Weiss's actions and her projecting her own body issues onto her young daughter, it's indisputable that her anxiety over having a chubby child is one shared by many, many parents.

The (Un-Erotic) Glories of Nudity

For the last two years I've been indulging in nudist behavior. With my daughters. In public. And it's been wonderful.

The Conflicting Messages on Parenting and Food

Why are parents, however well-educated and well-intentioned, so often frustrated and confused when it comes to feeding their children these days? Let's start with the mixed messages about diet bombarding us daily.

The Challenge of Agreeing Upon Food Rules to Live By

One weakness of mine is that I tend to think of myself as being ruled by common sense. So it comes as a shock when I realize that my common sense is another person's crazy—or vice versa.

How Parenting Makes You a Superhero

I've always been highly attuned to the presence of danger; becoming a parent has magnified this trait tenfold.