Dealing With Workplace Bullies

Workplace bullying can be more common than we admit it to be. However, resources and ways of dealing with victimization can be limited.

Are Millennials Socially Impaired or Just Rude?

In our times of tragedy, pain and suffering, extending simply greetings can go a long way.

Understanding Why Bachelorette Rachel Chose Bryan

Since the Bachelorette finale weeks ago, speculation and rumors are still flying regarding whether or not Rachel made the right choice. Read on for one psychologist's take.

The Psychology of the Curated Closet

How cleaning out our closets can ease our minds and de-clutter our lives, while helping our wallets.

The Question of ADHD

Is ADHD really biologically based? Genetic? Or a socially constructed disorder? Read on for why we should be careful of what we readily accept as true.

The Modern Millennial Work From Home Mode

Working from home need not conjure dated images of burning dinners and screaming babies while taking conference calls. The millennial approach is about working smarter, not harder.

What Bachelor Nick Viall Teaches Us About Love

Sometimes doing the opposite of what we learn on tv can help us really find love in the real world.

Taking a Facebook Sabbatical

Tired of Facebook? Newsfeeds got you down? Take a hiatus and see what happens. One millennial psychologist did just this and lived to tell the tale.

Practicing Self-Care this Valentine’s Day

Shower some pink hearts on yourself this Valentine's Day and every day! Your spirit will thank you!

Is Social Justice Advocacy Burning out Therapists?

While the importance of social advocacy in therapists cannot be emphasized enough, mindfulness and awareness of their own well-being can often take a back seat.

Is Instagram to Blame for Holiday Traffic?

Are you feeling more and more crowded out everywhere you go? Well, Instagram may be at least partly to blame.
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“The Shallows” and the Desensitization of Our Youth

Teen summer beach flicks have been around for a long time. But with "The Shallows" have they gone too far down the deep end?

The Power of Positively Priming the Therapist

We've all heard the adage that we are what we think. Turns out what your therapist thinks can go a long ways in your therapy treatment.

Why TSA Agents Need Therapy Skills Training

In the age of TSA, travel has become more stressful than ever before. Could training agents in basic therapy skills such as empathy and thought distortions help?

Are Food Bloggers Giving You Anxiety?

Promises of "quick" and "easy" tantalizing treats got you in a tizzy? Step away from the blender, breathe and remember that even the Pinterest-worthy photos are not always real.

The Top 5 Graduate School Application Taboos to Avoid

Graduate school admissions advice can quickly get overwhelming and out of hand. Read on for five quick tips to set you on the right track.

Are Vegans Eating Disordered?

Intrigued by the trend in juicing, kale smoothies, and vegan treats? Worried that it might go too far? Read on for more on the relationship between eating disorders and veganism.

Using Your Dosha to Heal Depression

We've heard the words, but don't know what they mean or how they can help us. Dosha? Ayurvedic medicine? A psychological look at the benefits of Ayurveda proves promising.

Taming Tween Texting and Tech Troubles

Tween technology usage is booming unlike any other generation. Such young users can run into many dangers. Read on for tips on taming their usage.


Find out what happens when you give happiness a chance for 100 days.

Where Did My Time Go?!

Losing time and getting stressed? A remarkably simple formula looking at three basic factors can help make your days more efficient and joyous.

Regaining Balance in 2016

A simple structured approach to finding your center in 2016.

Ditching Family Drama This Holiday Season

Stressed about the holidays? Read on for advice adapted from "The Four Agreements" to take a step back and rejoice in what the season is truly about.

Decrease Your Travel Stress This Holiday Season

Anxious about jet-setting this holiday season? Read on for six quick and easy tips to easy travel stress.

Do You Suffer From “Bitchy Resting Face”?

Individuals claim "bitchy resting face" (BRF) cannot be helped. But it is an outgrowth of #firstworldproblems and celebrity culture? Find out what the science says and how you can combat this if you're a victim of BRF.

The Cult of Barre

The fusion of yoga, pilates, and ballet in one sounds may sound enticing...but the reality can be less than desirable.

Is Leaving Facebook Becoming Trendy?

In the age of selfie culture and over-sharing, have we finally reached the tipping point? Leaving Facebook for good may be the latest trend in social media.

What Can We Learn About Love From ‘The Bachelor’?

Nineteen seasons in, and I'm still shamefully watching the show. As a psychologist, I can’t help but be fascinated by this dramatized reality show. As a girl, I’m sitting with my big bowl of popcorn secretly hoping there is a fairytale ending to it all. This begs the question—how much of the show is real, and what (if anything) can we learn from it?

Taking the Pressure off This Valentine's Day

Stuck on what to do to make this Valentine's Day special? Dreading it altogether? Read on for tips and a new perspective...

Real Feminist Princesses Don’t Drop the F Bomb

Why the potty-mouthed princess video going viral flies in the face of modern-day feminism.