What Can We Learn About Love From ‘The Bachelor’?

Nineteen seasons in, and I'm still shamefully watching the show. As a psychologist, I can’t help but be fascinated by this dramatized reality show. As a girl, I’m sitting with my big bowl of popcorn secretly hoping there is a fairytale ending to it all. This begs the question—how much of the show is real, and what (if anything) can we learn from it?

Taking the Pressure off This Valentine's Day

Stuck on what to do to make this Valentine's Day special? Dreading it altogether? Read on for tips and a new perspective...

Real Feminist Princesses Don’t Drop the F Bomb

Why the potty-mouthed princess video going viral flies in the face of modern-day feminism.

What Taylor Swift Mania Says About Teens

What the popularity of music sensation Taylor Swift tells us about modern day tweens and teens.

5 Ways to Brighten Your Fall Mood

For many, Fall means pumpkin lattes, cozy sweaters and boots. But it also signifies a shift into a busier and more stressful time as schools start and the holidays are around the corner. Pretty soon, the energy of summer is a distant memory. However, it's possible to maintain the summer glow a little bit longer. Read on for more...

Does Retail Therapy Work?

As it turns out, there may be some forms of spending that can improve your mental health.

5 Ways to Keep Your Sanity This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is too often portrayed as either a total drag or over the top expression of one's love. Much of the fun of childhood days of silly cards and chalky hearts seem to have faded. But it's not too late to get that back. Read on for 5 ways to take the pressure off this Valentine's Day and to celebrate the holiday for what it truly is—a day of love.

The Secret Surprise of 'Walter Mitty'

Sprinkled with action, comedy, romance and inspiration, 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' is the surprise hit of the film season. Read on for why you should watch…

The Thoroughly Modern Guide to Butchering Names

You know that awkward pause after you've just pronounced your name? Or the one the occurs in anticipation of trying to say a name you have no clue how to state? Read on for tips and tricks in navigating those uncomfortable name situations.

My New Year’s Resolution Failures

Another year another failure? Or another opportunity to re-evaluate and take on a new perspective to approach the year ahead?

Disney’s “Frozen” An Attempt to Modernize the Fairy Tale?

Many young girls grow up with fairy tale visions and princess dreams of love and a magical happy ending. Disney has often been the instigator of such hopes. But as modern day love and romance are not so simple and rarely follow these simple narratives, it seems the fairy tale plot line is evolving...

13 Dating Red Flags for Women

Who isn't looking for love? Though compromise and communication have a place, there is also a time to move on. Whether it's a guy whose jokes border on the offensive side, or who refuses to have you meet his friends, there are countless red flags for women to consider. Read on for 13 of them you should consider.

5 Boredom Busting Traffic Tips

Traffic commutes can test the patience of the most composed among us. Yet, millennials who struggle with boredom and who have grown up in the age of digital screens may fare even worse. Read on for 5 ways of increasing your boredom tolerance and tuning in instead of tuning out.

Virgins as a Sexual Minority?

Waiting until marriage has often been associated with virginity pledges, religious communities, and conservative groups. However, abstinence can often be motivated by a variety of reasons from desiring a stronger relationship to a more satisfying sex life later on.

Rolling Out the Yoga Mat and Creating a Bully-Free Zone

Millennial Media blog shuts down its comment board in an attempt to create a healthier learning space for readers and discouraging a forum for online bullying.

"Exotic" Beauty TEDx Talk

A TEDx talk about one of the most highly debated Millennial Media posts: exotic beauty.

Is Pole Dancing Actually Empowering for Women?

Is pole dancing really a new way for women to reclaim their sexuality while getting fit and having fun? Or is it just another way that women's bodies are being exploited?

Has Lindsay Lohan’s "Next Chapter" Truly Begun?

Lindsay Lohan has been notorious as one of Hollywood's most troubled startlets. Four days after her release from her sixth stint in rehab she sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview where she suggested the tide has finally turned for her. Will she be able to maintain her recovery? Here's why I'm rooting for her.

Birthdays, Gratitude, and a 75th "Millennial Media" Post

Being a millennial in the recession isn't always a walk in the park. But the things that truly make us wealthy are those that money can't buy.

Is Celebrity Behavior Making You a Narcissist?

We've all heard of the term "celebrities behaving badly." But rarely has anyone touched on the traumas and abuse that many of them have endured. Their own psychological symptomology is often related to these troubled pasts, but is also impacting our own cultural ideas of what behavior is "normal." Dr. Drew explores all this and more in his book.

Why Are We Americans So Angry?

What is happening to our nation? We are absorbed by violent crime dramas and yet seek solace in philosophy and spiritual gurus. It is our nation's cognitive dissonance, and all we are doing is getting angrier.

Do Racism, Conservatism, and Low I.Q. Go Hand in Hand?

According to studies, right-wing ideologies are associated with greater prejudicial attitudes and lower intelligence. Additionally, among American news watchers, the U.S. is often implicitly attached to aggression. What does this mean for Boston and the search for suspects?

When Life Gives Therapists Lemons…

"L.A. Shrinks" may have people wondering what therapists' private lives are like. But it hasn't answered the ubiquitous question. What are some of our best tricks of the trade? What do we do when life hands us lemons?

Are You Sure You’re Too Sexy For Your Shirt?

We can talk about anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorders. But what about extreme men's body building? At what point does a healthy lifestyle committment shift into excessive behaviors? Body image concerns among men are too often swept under the rug.

Just an Innocent Instagram?

Instagram may have come around just in time to save us from being bombarded by images of lattes and lunches on our Facebook newsfeeds. But it also came around when children and teens have access to camera phones, WiFi, and little understanding of online self-exploitation. Needless to say, the photo of that cute bunny may not be all your child is seeing or posting about.

L.A. Shrinks: Is Your Therapist's Life a "Hot Mess"?

A new Bravo show, L.A. Shrinks, depicts a scandalous side to the private lives of psychologists.

Living, Loving, and Letting Go In 2013

Instead of focusing on New Year's resolutions, what about learning lessons from last year's regrets? This year let's think about living, loving, learning to let go, and accepting the things we can't change.

Shame On Us For Mass Shootings

Since the devastating school shooting in Newton, Connecticut, blame has been cast about. Some point fingers at the infrastructure of mental health services, others lack of gun control regulations. However, the truth is that we are all to blame. A nation that waits for its children to be taken before it rises to action is simply shameful.

"Catfish" and the Perils of Online Dating

Before the dating website boom, chat rooms, emails and text messages were the way love connections were made for many. But what if you were in a virtual relationship for 10 years without ever meeting the person face-to-face? One new reality television show features such fascinating stories and reminds us to be safe online.

To Flu Shot or Not?

Workplace policies and public health campaigns tout the effectiveness and importance of getting a yearly flu shot. But does the research align with this?