Trying Too Hard at the Holidays?

Developmentally, many of us in mid-life define the “sandwich generation,” smack in the middle and feeling responsible for all things family, especially at the holidays.

Weight, Weight: Don't Tell Me!

We receive constant messages from the media, the diet and fitness industry, and even well-intentioned sources like our physicians, that can add up to shame and distress associated with our size, the way we look, and how we eat—effectively “super-sizing” our concerns about mid-life weight gain.

Looking at Wisdom From Mid-life

The research may not show that existing measures of wisdom correlate with increased age, but the experts still believe that wisdom is age-related. Certainly, in common usage, the idea of wisdom is associated with a kindly bearded older man or a sweet, gentle older woman.

Why is Helping Older Parents So Hard?

There are many emotions and uncertainties involved in the process of helping our older relatives…emotions and uncertainties for us and for them.

A Mid-Life Conundrum: When and How to Help Older Parents

Much of “long-term care” takes place in people’s homes, rather than in institutions. And many older people may be able to manage to stay in their homes with just a little more help with everyday and periodic tasks. When strictly informal care is not possible or sufficient, there are many resources to explore for older people aging in place.

Mourning and Reinvention in Mid-Life

It’s a cliché that at mid-life, we are “reinventing” ourselves. Sometimes the reinvention must be accompanied by mourning, a natural response to the losses that come during life transitions.

The Gift of Empathy in Mid-life

By mid-life, women have had many exhilarating, satisfying, and illuminating personal experiences. We have also had many disappointing, exhausting, unsettling, painful, or frustrating ones.

What the Film "Amour" Tells Us About Aging and Caregiving

Beyond important messages about caregiving, there is another even more universal and important theme in "Amour": the later part of the cycle of life often includes declining health and strength and increasing dependence on others. It can be a messy business.

Images of Mid-life and Older Women Affect Our Self Image

Evidence of "age-disavowal" is all around us. If we believe that there are only two possible stages for women: young, sexy ingenue and frail wizened gray-haired lady, we will find it harder to make a smooth transition and find a comfortable place for ourselves in the middle.

Planning for "Successful Aging" at Mid-life

In our 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s we still have time to make incremental changes aimed at preparing for an old age that’s as successful as it can be.

Grow Old Along With Me

In many couples, it is not even so clear who is the caregiver and who the care recipient. Partners simply do what they can for one another, providing reassurance, reminders, and daily structure.

Banishing Mid-life Regret

If we regret something we didn’t do or become when we were younger, there may be a way to recast those early dreams into something feasible and meaningful in the present.

Midlife Parenting: Hold on Loosely and Take a Deep Breath

Providing a touchstone for older teens and young adults takes both energy and restraint

Our Own Worst Critics? Or Not

A media blowhard and a fairy tale movie show us that our values about women's aging might need a brush up

Letting Ourselves Get Old?

Midlife women are understandably ambivalent about our own aging. With so many products and procedures marketed to conceal or defy aspects of our age, we may feel uncomfortable or even apologetic if we let nature take its course.