Focused Distractions? How We Adapt to Multi-Tasking

“Don’t distract me, I am multitasking”: Distractions can be damaging, but even when multi-tasking, we learn how to focus on what is important.

Why Should We Slow Down? The Lost Art of Patience

Technology allows us to get things done quickly, and we love our smartphones. But slowing down might make you happier and healthier, and also more productive in the long run.

Why We Like Online Shopping, and Delayed Gratification

Need it, find it, buy it (and then wait for it in the mail) actually makes for an enjoyable experience, and the perfect return shopper, according to delayed gratification.

Wisdom in the White House and Older Presidents

Should we be concerned and/or excited about older-aged presidents in the White House, as old age is associated with wisdom?

Money, Memory, and Growing Older: Remember the Good Times?

It can be good to remember positive emotions and the good times as opposed to focusing on gloomy events. But how might this cost us for financial matters?

Think More, Eat Less? Memory Can Make Us Eat Less

Hungry? Surprisingly, the trick to eating less might be our memory, and not our stomach. Remembering a past meal, or thinking about a future meal, can lead to less snacking!

Can Kobe Bryant Rebound From Retirement?

Old age can come sooner for professional athletes. Often with millions of dollars in the bank, and time on your hands, this presents a psychological challenge: how to retire.

Declutter NOW! How Prospect Theory Clutters Up Our Closets

Do you have trouble decluttering your home or office? We tend to over-value most items and it can be painful to let go of things we don't really need!

Improve Your Memory: The Case Against Crosswords and Google

Do crosswords help improve cognitive functioning, or are you just strengthening a strength? And if you can’t recall some bit of information, should Google always be the answer?

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of Memory and Aging

Sherlock Holmes is the quintessential detective, but what happens to his memory and his mind in old age? The new movie Mr. Holmes, as well as current research on cognitive aging, allow for an important case study on memory and aging.

Beliefs About Brain Training: Why They Could Be Hurting Us

Can brain training help or hurt? It may depend on your attitude about what you expect to get out of it.

Why We Can't Remember the Things We Most Often See

Where was the last fire extinguisher you saw? Do you remember where the “B” key is on your keyboard? Even things we see and interact with constantly can be forgotten—sometimes because we see them so much.

Why Famous People Aren’t Immune to False Memories

There are many important reasons why Brian Williams would in fact feel like he indeed remembers riding in a helicopter that was hit and damaged, even if he was nowhere near it.

What Are the Important Side Effects of This Medication?

Most medications come with a long list of side effect: Can and should we remember them all?

Can Brain Training Be Brain Draining?

The biggest cost of computer-based brain games may be more screen time, which means less time for physical exercise, and research shows that exercise can improve memory and cognition.
Can Seeing a Doctor Give You Symptoms of Dementia?

Can Seeing a Doctor Give You Symptoms of Dementia?

Taking a memory test can be stressful, especially if you are concerned about Alzheimer's disease, but negative age-based beliefs about your memory can hurt your performance.
Selective Perception and Attention at the World Cup

Selective Perception and Attention at the World Cup

Even though we all watch the same World Cup games, because of selective perception and attention, people may report what they saw very differently.

Wisdom: Ask Siri? Or Ask Grandma?

Today, we turn to the internet for everything, with Wikipedia being our web-based wisdom, and Google providing the search capabilities that often surpasses our failing memory, so is web-based wisdom taking over how we access and acquire knowledge, and at what expense?

10,000 Simple Steps to a Better Memory: Take a Walk

Want some simple steps to a better memory? Actually, try taking 10,000 steps, and go for a walk!

Learning to Type Before Learning to Write?

With cursive writing now becoming a thing of the past, will typing be more important than handwriting for the next generation of children? What are the cognitive implications?

Can Following Baseball Be Good For Your Brain?

We often think of the brain as a muscle, and consider crossword puzzles to be the ultimate brain challenge. But what about following a baseball game? While some people might think this is simply a passive form of entertainment, lots of cognitive operations occur before, during, and after the game. Thinking about baseball may be rewarding in many ways…

Anti “Anti-Aging”: Do We Really Want to Be Forever Young?

Searching for the fountain of youth? Enjoy the benefits of aging, as you might not want to really turn back the clock.

Why Whitey Bulger Went Unnoticed in Older Age

A most-wanted criminal hides because of a bias in face recognition. This “own-age” advantage or bias in face recognition may have helped Whitey Bulger elude authorities for years.

Focus on What Is Important, to Be Efficient and Happy…

The ability to selectively focus on what is important allows us to function efficiently, and it can do more than that, as it can relax us and make us feel happier. In fact, one benefit of getting older is that this ability to selectively focus on important things may just happen naturally as we age…