Popularity and Friendship at High School

Tom, a small, shy, openly gay student, was sat at the back of the school bus on his own. He saw three athletic boys get on the bus, fresh from soccer practice. As they made their way down the aisle, they saw Tom alone and moved toward him. What happened next isn't what you might expect.

Stonewalling Progress

Why the new survey by Stonewall tells us more about the charity than it does about the state of homophobia in British schools

The Demise of a Particular Type of Guy

Men are changing, and traditional styles of masculinity are becoming dated and unfashionable. But rather than a crisis in masculinity, these developments are positive and a cause for celebration.

The Complexity of ‘That's So Gay'

Young straight men today insist 'that's so gay' isn't homophobic. Perhaps we should listen to them.
Men 2.0

Men 2.0

With "One Direction" topping the US music chart, and David Beckham to be the first man featured on Elle’s front cover, images of men have changed dramatically in recent years. The softening of masculinity is a good thing, and shows no sign of abating.