Then You Get The Women (Part V)

To commit, or not to commit.

Then You Get The Women (Part IV)

You have her! Now, it's time to make expectations known regarding money and marriage!

Then You Get The Women (Part III)

Now that you've met her, it's time to communicate with her!

Then You Get The Women, Part 2

Now that you've mastered where to find a date, it's time to discuss commitments and attachments.

Then You Get The Women

Need help meeting and keeping a woman? This little primer should help.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Men, at least historically, have felt an unequivocal need to establish themselves professionally and be financially successful. They often felt that they had to do this before a relationship commitment was even appropriate.

A Guy's Guide to Sex, Power and Money

After talking to literally thousands of powerful men over the years, I have decided to both speak for them and share some clinical wisdom.