Excuse-making by School Children

A sense of self-efficacy has to be earned. It does not come from excuses.

Blaming the Victim

"What did we do to make them hate us so much?"

Improve Reading & Hand-eye Coordination by Learning Cursive?

Are schools making a mistake to drop cursive? If students had improved learning skills, wouldn't there be less need for "teaching to the test?"

Health Benefits of Resveratrol: New Plaudits

If you could only take one pill, would this be the one?

An Intelligent New Way to Teach Cursive

Educators no longer have the excuse that cursive is too hard to learn and that they can't find teachers who can teach it.

Happy Thoughts Can Make You More Competent

Have you chosen to be happy?

Grit's Role in Learning

When it comes to learning ability, motivation is way ahead of whatever is in second place.

The Neuroscience of Why Children Play

Kids aren't allowed to play as in the "good old days." What price are we paying?

Study Suggests Mental Rest and Reflection Boost Learning

Give our kids a rest: the right kind of mental rest.

Insightful Thinking: How to Do It

Creativity is a subset of a general learning competency that entails correct analysis, understanding, insight, and remembering. Here, I stress the importance of insight, often referred to as "thinking outside the box." Moreover, I make the claim that this competency can be taught and mastered through practice.

Analytical Thinking — Logic Errors 101

What we read or hear is commonly tainted by thinking errors. Here's how to minimize such errors in your communication.

Memory Gimmicks 4: Story Chains

Brains think in stories. Therefore, stories are easier to remember than just isolated facts. Here is a technique that all memory athletes use.

Handwritten Notes Lead to Better Learning

So you still think schools should drop the teaching of cursive?

Memory Athlete Gimmicks Tip 3: SVO

This tip can be used to memorize most anything.

Educational Reform and Why It Is Not Working

Educators keep dancing around the real problem in education.

Naps and Learning Competencies

Schools actually impair learning.

Mental Health Benefits of Resveratrol: New Plaudits

One supplement that is likely to have major benefit.

"Memory Athlete" Gimmicks Tip No. 2: Composite Flash Card

This flash card system has real pizazz.

Jazz Changes the Brain

Musical creativity training causes long-lasting changes in brain function.

What Jazz Music Can Do for the Brain

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that mental challenge develops new connections in the brain and with it, new biological capabilities. In jazz, such mental enrichment enhances the ability to memorize, not only directly in terms of having to learn a large musical vocabulary and the rules of jazz, but also in terms of basic mental biology.

How to Remember Like a Pro

How memory athletes do it. Tip No. 1

Memory Athlete Gimmicks. Tip 1: Familiar Locations

How memory athletes do it. Tip #1

What Does Memorization Say about Free Will?

If you believe there is no free will, you are off the hook for your ill-advised views and behavior. Is that really so great?

Eight Core Principles of Effective Memory

You are not stuck with weak memory. There are powerful ways to make it better.

How Advertisers Get You to Remember Ads

There are planned reasons why you remember some ads and not others.

Knowing What You Know. How It Matters

Self-knowledge resides in memory. As with all memory, it can be strong or weak, true or false, recalled or forgotten, useful or harmful. You decide.

Overcoming the Age Stereotype

Research shows how age-stereotype effects can be changed in everyday life.

Memory Aggravates Relational Pain. There Is a Treatment

Humans have a perverse need to remember and magnify affronts, for it validates their vanity. Saying to oneself, “I did not deserve this affront, my hands are clean” is salve to a wounded psyche. We feel better about ourselves and superior to the perpetrator.

Memory and Location, Location, Location

When it comes to learning, what do you pay attention to?