Unexpected Effect of Dreaming on Fear Memories

Your brain is busy while you sleep.

Why Isn't Common Core Working?

Two-thirds of graduating seniors are not ready for college. Seventy-five percent failed the math test and sixty-three percent failed the reading test.

The One Best Way to Remember Anything

There is one best way to remember anything. Are you using it?

Organize for Better Thinking and Memory

Confused? Organize your thinking by organizing your information.

Victimology: The New Way to Play the Blame Game

The need to walk on eggshells in social interactions makes us isolate ourselves into enclaves of like-minded people.

Victim of Biology and Circumstance?

"You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy." Yes you can, but this won’t transfer to his children via his genes.

Training the Brain to Control Negative Emotions

The human brain contains a distinct network that serves as its executive agent. This network can be trained to develop a more robust capacity for executive control.

Fables and Facts in Educational Neuroscience

Numerous critics have pointed out that neuroscience has not had much impact on education, and worse yet has spawned a series of harmful myths.

Recent News About Music Effects on Memory

If you listen to music while studying, how do you know if that is a good idea?

The Best Years of Your Life

Older people have typically learned more about how to cope with disappointment and adversity and how to squeeze the sweet and good juice out of life.

Training the Brain to Discipline Itself

Emotional working memory training improves the ability to suppress disturbing emotional responses.

Anxiety Can Speed Aging

No one gets to re-live the past, but everyone can influence their own future.

PowerPoint: A Communication Curse?

You do want your ideas remembered don't you?

Here's How You Can Become An Expert

Is there a shortcut to becoming an expert?

The Avatar Theory of Consciousness

Evolution made us smart enough to be effective killers and hopefully wise enough to be more humane.

Cue-dependent Learning During Sleep Can Reduce Prejudice

Bias is learned. It can be unlearned by counter-conditioning.

Decision-making 401

You can learn how to make better decisions.

Decision-Making 101

Good decision making depends on selective attention skills. Seniors are better at this than young people, whose culture and schools are making matters worse.

Music's Effects on Cognitive Function of the Elderly

Music can be therapy for old age.

What Is the Optimally Efficient Gap Between Study Sessions?

Learning success depends on when you study.

What Happened to the Wonder of Learning?

What is school doing to your child?

Excuse-making by School Children

A sense of self-efficacy has to be earned. It does not come from excuses.

Blaming the Victim

"What did we do to make them hate us so much?"

Improve Reading & Hand-eye Coordination by Learning Cursive?

Are schools making a mistake to drop cursive? If students had improved learning skills, wouldn't there be less need for "teaching to the test?"

Health Benefits of Resveratrol: New Plaudits

If you could only take one pill, would this be the one?

An Intelligent New Way to Teach Cursive

Educators no longer have the excuse that cursive is too hard to learn and that they can't find teachers who can teach it.

Happy Thoughts Can Make You More Competent

Have you chosen to be happy?

Grit's Role in Learning

When it comes to learning ability, motivation is way ahead of whatever is in second place.