To Remember, Make It Weird

These three basic memory strategies will make your memorization chores easier and fun.

Scoring Wisdom

The potential value of wisdom-scoring tests is that they can show people what wisdom is by identifying its specific domains in a tangible way that guides development of wisdom.

Making Choices: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Choices are a gamble. You can't know for certain you have made the right choice.But being paralyzed with indecision is no solution.Reason helps you understand the odds.
Redrawn from source. W. R. Klemm

Enhance Memory with the "Production Effect"

Here's how to optimize new memories.

How to Learn Critical Thinking

You can become smarter by learning critical thinking skills.

Aging Shrinks the Brain

Age discrimination is not defensible. Each elderly person's mental competence has to be judged on its own merits, not on a negative stereotype of the elderly.

Teaching Children to Be Honorable

Children are biologically wired to behave falsely. Where do they learn moral values and respect for truth?

Do We See the World Like a Movie?

The two-stage model of perception may have profound implications beyond sensation that involve working memory, ideation, reasoning, decision-making, and voluntary behavior.

Is Your Brain Older Than You Are?

Memory loss is a main symptom of excessive brain aging that we can all notice.

Mental Down Time Affects Learning

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," might be re-framed, "all work and no rest makes Jack a poor learner."

Promising New Treatment for Depression

Recent research emphasizes the importance of memory as therapy for depression.
W. R. Klemm

Memory Training Produces Lasting Effects

You too can be a memory athlete.

Learning Stuff While Missing the Point

The best way to remember factoids is the thinking required to understand them.

Does White Noise Help You Learn?

How do you promote focus in an environment of distractions?

Learning to Be Hostile

Pray for a return of the regard and respect for others that we used to have.

Video Game Addiction

Video-game addiction causes change in mood, conflict, behavioral problems, and, more tellingly, the same phenomena seen in drug addiction (tolerance and withdrawal symptoms).

Forever Now

The usually benign herpes simplex virus is not always so benign.
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A Genetic Revolution: No Two Neurons Alike

You are what you have been made by your genes and environment. But what you choose to think and do can change who you are.

Brains Have Owners

Is there an avatar in your brain called "I"? Neuroscience suggests this is the case.

Victim of Biology and Circumstance?

People have underestimated their capacity to sculpt their own brains, attitudes, and behavior by controlling experiences that affect gene expression.

Getting Education Right—For a Change

The most important thing you should learn in school is to learn how to learn.

Aging Well Can Be Simple

If I asked you to name the two most important lifestyle influences on aging, in two words, could you do it?

To Sleep, Perhaps to Learn

Odds are the kids in your life are not getting enough sleep. Scientists now know that sleep is needed for "smart forgetting."

Managing Information to Be Remembered

What you just learned can interfere with remembering what you are about to learn.
W. R. Klemm

Why Music Matters

You haven't outgrown the music of your teenage years. You just need reminding. So when you are down, bring out the CDS and tapes of your favorite music.

Learning to Be Dishonest

Experiment shows that a little lying leads to bigger lying.
W. R. Klemm

Thwart Stress Effects of Memory

Stress impairs memory. Here is what you can do about it.

Base Relationships on the Present, Not the Past

Memories are seldom fully literal. Memories are constructed, not recorded like an audio tape. The brain decides how an experience is to be packaged as a narrative to remember.

To Remember Multiple Items: Put Them in Related Groups

Here's another tip for better memory.

Strategic Studying: The Value of Forced Recall

School has started, and many students are discovering that they are not doing as well as expected. Parents and teachers may be chiding them about working harder. That may not help.