Brains Have Owners

Is there an avatar in your brain called "I"? Neuroscience suggests this is the case.

Victim of Biology and Circumstance?

People have underestimated their capacity to sculpt their own brains, attitudes, and behavior by controlling experiences that affect gene expression.

Getting Education Right—For a Change

The most important thing you should learn in school is to learn how to learn.

Aging Well Can Be Simple

If I asked you to name the two most important lifestyle influences on aging, in two words, could you do it?

To Sleep, Perhaps to Learn

Odds are the kids in your life are not getting enough sleep. Scientists now know that sleep is needed for "smart forgetting."

Managing Information to Be Remembered

What you just learned can interfere with remembering what you are about to learn.
W. R. Klemm

Why Music Matters

You haven't outgrown the music of your teenage years. You just need reminding. So when you are down, bring out the CDS and tapes of your favorite music.

Learning to Be Dishonest

Experiment shows that a little lying leads to bigger lying.
W. R. Klemm

Thwart Stress Effects of Memory

Stress impairs memory. Here is what you can do about it.

Base Relationships on the Present, Not the Past

Memories are seldom fully literal. Memories are constructed, not recorded like an audio tape. The brain decides how an experience is to be packaged as a narrative to remember.

To Remember Multiple Items: Put Them in Related Groups

Here's another tip for better memory.

Strategic Studying: The Value of Forced Recall

School has started, and many students are discovering that they are not doing as well as expected. Parents and teachers may be chiding them about working harder. That may not help.
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The Perils of Multitasking

Multitasking not only becomes a habit, it is addictive. I see many youngsters who seem to have withdrawal symptoms if they can't check their phone messages every few minutes.
W. R. Klemm

Who Is Responsible—You or Your Neurons?

Do you deserve credit for your honest achievements and blame for your failures? An increasing number of philosophers and scientists says no.

Chronic Pain May Be a Memory Problem

A prolonged period of acute pain strengthens the emotional pathways that are activated during pain. They do not go away even after the physical pain is gone.

Grit's Role in Learning

When it comes to learning ability, motivation is way ahead of whatever is in second place.
W. R. Klemm

Better Aging Through Chemistry

The price we pay for living is dying. An anti-oxidant cocktail every day might slow that rate of dying.

The Best Years of Your Life

Older people have typically learned more about how to cope with disappointment and adversity and how to squeeze the sweet and good juice out of life.

Could Your Brain Store All the Information on the Web?

Just what is your learning capacity? Why aren't you achieving it?

Free Will Is Not an Illusion

Many neuroscientists and philosophers say you are a biological robot. Don't believe them.

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard

Start your thinking project with pen or pencil. Then use the keyboard for final production.

Unexpected Effect of Dreaming on Fear Memories

Your brain is busy while you sleep.

Why Isn't Common Core Working?

Two-thirds of graduating seniors are not ready for college. Seventy-five percent failed the math test and sixty-three percent failed the reading test.
W. R. KLemm

The One Best Way to Remember Anything

There is one best way to remember anything. Are you using it?
W. R. Klemm

Organize for Better Thinking and Memory

Confused? Organize your thinking by organizing your information.

Victimology: The New Way to Play the Blame Game

The need to walk on eggshells in social interactions makes us isolate ourselves into enclaves of like-minded people.

Victim of Biology and Circumstance?

"You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy." Yes you can, but this won’t transfer to his children via his genes.

Training the Brain to Control Negative Emotions

The human brain contains a distinct network that serves as its executive agent. This network can be trained to develop a more robust capacity for executive control.
W. R. Klemm

Fables and Facts in Educational Neuroscience

Numerous critics have pointed out that neuroscience has not had much impact on education, and worse yet has spawned a series of harmful myths.

Recent News About Music Effects on Memory

If you listen to music while studying, how do you know if that is a good idea?