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I was down in the dumps. Negativity was my middle name.

Fortunately, it turned sunny, after months of El Nino. I could be grateful for that.

A friend and I decided to email each other three things a day that we were grateful for. I'd done this before (five things) with someone, and it was so arduous to think up five that I stopped.

Now, everything turned. After just three days,I decided to leave my beautiful home for awhile. I could rail against the neighbors' construction — drilling, pounding, earth moving — or I could leave. I hired a project manager to monitor whether my neighbors were complying with the city's conditions and staying within boundaries. Then I booked my escape.

An apartment in Italy, my dream. Italy! The owners emailed me to ask if I'd mind a discount. Not really. Another friend who'd moved to Italy offered me a place to stay. I thought of articles I could write while I was there. Of a book I could work on, sitting on my balcony overlooking the view.

All of a sudden, life was good. I'm not sure how this happened, but I'll give gratitude and a shift of attitude credit.

Prompt: What are you grateful for?

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