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For months I have been dealing with hearings regarding a neighbor’s invasion of my privacy. (Just my perspective, of course.) I’m okay during the day, but when I awake at night, racked with thoughts of the unfairness of it all, I have a hard time controlling my thinking.

So I got out of town. A manageable trip—just an hour and a half to San Jose. San Jose? Who would have thought I could have such a good time and forget about my worries?

Thus, my first tip: Get out of town.

There’s nothing like the fresh perspective travel brings. And nothing like having your mind occupied by interesting new sights. From a walking tour of the city’s murals to a tour of Japantown (during this 125th anniversary year) and a fantastic guided tour of Japantown's historical museum, I didn’t have time to think about my neighbor. And I melted into my lovely room at the Fairmont, which had the most comfortable bed.

When I got home and saw the story poles next door, my mind flipped back to hearings and unfairness. But during that glorious weekend, I didn’t have a care.

Writing prompts

Write about what’s bothering you today.


Write about what you do to stop obsessive thinking.

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