Neuron Overload

One day, I tried to work out how many details a doctor needs to keep spinning in her head in order to do a satisfactory job, by calculating how many thoughts I have to juggle in a typical office visit. (Is that even possible?)

Two Steps Forward for America’s Health

The fine print of the 2010 Health Care Reform bill is still being analyzed. Shortcomings and limitations are being uncovered. But a new report from the Commonwealth Fund showed that there will be immense and immediate gains for young adults.

Swine Flu and You

The only preventative measures that actually prevent disease are vaccinations. Our world is an immeasurably better place since the advent of vaccines. Yet there is a complicated psychology that hovers like a fog around the idea of vaccination. In this week’s New England Journal of Medicine, I offer my perspective on “The Emotional Epidemiology of HINI Vaccination.” I invite you to read and comment.